14 April 2009

Nest Building: Waste Management

Thought I would start with a series of interiors around my home with a focus on the bathroom. I am starting with the bathroom for several reasons which I should not have to list simply because you own a bladder and most of you have a colon and therefore understand the beauty of indoor plumbing, the act of the flush. Oh and hot water, lawdy, I love hot water.

A couple of years ago I placed my cheesy but cheery! fake egg wreath on the front door when I noticed a dear sparrow building her nest. All use of the front door was banned during the two months it took her to build, lay and rear her clutch. We watched and counted eggs.

We marveled at the little tender hatchlings that would make even a mother regurgitate her bolus.

Quickly the nestlings grew with all those good mama's meals. I became fascinated by the instinct the birdies had to eliminate wastes. As a zoology instructor I can say a lot about bird waste, however I never thought about waste accumulation and nesting.

The wee birds, only days old, turn around in what is a very cramped space and excrete off the edge of the nest. I was thrilled by this discovery. How beautiful is it they instinctively avoid toxic waste build up? Biology has always been my best church.

So with homage to the great outhouse designer in the sky, I present some bathroom images from my own nest. Yes, I am going to keep up the pithy avian references.

A place to sit.

Means to flush.

Handles to grasp.

To draw a bath.

Scents to employ.

A view to enjoy.

Mirror, mirror on the wall.

The most beautiful bathroom of all.

I know where the caged bird pees...


  1. Robin, your bathroom is gorgeous! I mean really amazing. I love the mirror, the chandelier, the finish on the fixtures, everthing. And your poem is lovely too. We always have little birds build a nest on our porch every year. My husband hates it (because of the poo) and always threatens to scare off the mother or "clean it out" whilst the babes are still in the nest! Of course, being the advocate for all things tiny that I fancy myself at times, I screamed like a lunatic and forbade any such disgusting action. After the birds left last year, I relented and let him clean out the nests and put things up there to discourage such rebuilding in the future. But my heart broke a little.

  2. So can i come live in your bathroom? Seriously...so beautiful! I love that chandelier! Oh, to have a bathroom like that...

  3. "Biology has always been my best church." Gosh, I love that! You have such a way with words. And decorating. And photos. And cooking. And friendship. Is there anything you can't do?

  4. Hi Robin!
    Okay seriously...if THIS is your bathroom, then you better break out with some more pictures of your beautiful home! I want to see the rest of it! Wow, it's gorgeous! I love all of the details. The wallpaper, the crown moulding, the ceramic tile, etc.

    I'm glad you found me through flickr! That lead me to your blog and now I see that I will see you at Silver Bella! Is this your first year attending??? This will be my second...I can't wait!

    So nice to meet you,
    I am now your new follower!!!!

    everything vintage

  5. Gorgeous bath!
    And how lucky are you to get to watch those sweet little birds!
    Sandra Evertson

  6. I know where the caged bird pees, on my head!

  7. Jemellia linked me... I think I have the same wall paper upstairs in the kids bath. Looks really good in your bath, not so much in my kid bath!

  8. I loved this post! You truly have a way with words, and I totally enjoyed the birdnest photos. Thank you for visiting my blog today.


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