19 May 2009

Cake Tops and Holly

I have blogged in my short bloglife already about Miss Holly. I am fixin' (yes I said fixin') to do it again. In a prior post , I admitted to having found a pretty avatar on Flikr which I followed to Holly Abston and found that she teaches classes right here in Oklahoma City. Not California. Not New York. Oklahoma! where the wind comes sweeping down the plain. I made her Butterfly Crown and now it lives on a lamp in my craft room, or studio (wait, I might be struck by lighting for saying studio....) okay we're good.

I took another class this last Saturday for a Cake Top Box. Mmmmmm. She has terrific little kits. I love the anticipation of what lies beneath...

The pretties inside the kit. Her kits are so complete, absolutely all you need to bring is your glue gun and an ability not to cuss as hot glue sears your flesh.

Along the way.

Later that day.

My cake top box lives alongside the jadite pieces in my china cabinet.

I will be going to Holly's house later this week because I totally weaseled in Holly's request of my friend Jemellia to make a slip cover for her. See what a sweet little bundle Jemellia brought to class for me just because I am her friend? Clearly that was before she realized I getting all up in her slipcover.

So I will be ogling Holly's house taking my stalking of her to the next level. Lucky girl...


  1. goofball. yay for tomorrow! your cake is delicious looking!

  2. What a stalker's dream ;) have fun on your visit! Tell Jemalia 'hello!'. I need to get down to OKC more often...if only for the cupcakes...

  3. Hi Robin,
    I am popping over from Everything Vintage, love the post, what a cool project. Have a great weekend and enjoy your stalking.

  4. Beautiful creations! love the cake top.

  5. Hello Robin! Thanks for adding me to your flicker contacts. I see you are a new Bella this year just like me. Looking forward to meeting you! The cake box top is the most yummy project - I would have loved to take that class. Beautiful work!

  6. Beautiful job with Holly's kit. Hope to meet you at Silver Bella and check out your booth at vendor night!


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