04 May 2009

Hand Maids

The Internet with its fantastical technology has given rebirth, paradoxically, to things handmade. As soon as that opposing digit sprouted, we primates have been tool users. Further, our big 'ol brains have the capacity for great creativity. Now we can photograph, market, sale, and connect to others who do and enjoy the same. Its a bit of tick picking satellite style.

Our Etsy community is called the Disciples of Etsy as we Oklahomans are in the buckle of the bible belt. Pack your pistil and the Good Word and don't go backsliding, ya'll. Some very industrious little OKC gals put on an Indie Craft Bazaar named Deluxe. The first one was December 2008 and was a smash. This spring model is bigger, better and scheduled for this coming Saturday, 9 May 2009.

Because I am so productive I rarely have to make anything just for craft shows. I was however trying a few new things. These pillows represent an amalgam of sewing, embroidery and knitting. This Couch Corsage Pillow is so named because the flower is a pin or corsage that your sofa wears.

In an effort to knit for a warmer season I made these wrist cuffs accessorized with a rose. I can just see girls wearing these to their dance while no flowers are harmed to embellish their outfits.

So that I can display my shrugs and stoles, perfect for the prom and wedding season, I asked my husband to help me with display stands. The second set is seen below. There was a brief period of not speaking between the prototype set and this finished product.

My table cloths are selected.

My inventory awaits packing. Hold on girls, I'll be right there.

We will see who gets selected and who comes back home with mama, the hand maid.


  1. Those corsages and pillows are adorable!

  2. I love those stands, now I would like to see the prototype (along w/the fire in your eyes).

  3. Oh! I love the pillows! they are so sweet. But all you make is!~

    I cant wait! Only a few days more...

  4. I'm coming to your show and bringing my mama and maybe my daughter...can't wait!


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