11 August 2009

This Is New

My little girlie friend Jemellia and I always do our show booths together. However, we have 3 Etsy shops between us. So we decided to call our collaboration 2 Birds In A Pod. I have launched the site 2BirdsInAPod for news about our appearances and such. I would love for you to take a peak, say howdy and follow us. I have a button over there on the side to access it anytime you are here.

Thank you, thank you, we are so proud of it. Much of the reason I do anything in this web world, blog and Etsy is because of Jemellia. I am thrilled to continue our collaboration. Many thanks!!


  1. You two always have one of my favorite booths to visit. You're both such fun gals.

  2. You GO girls! That's a wonderful story that you two are partners in crime, ooops I mean business! Ain't it so cool to have a twin? ;)
    So does this mean we are all THREE going to be hugging each other when we meet at Silver Bella? ;)
    Two Birds in a Pod sounds terrific and I wish you two the BEST of luck!
    everything vintage

  3. What a fun idea for a blog! I'm following, because I can't wait to see what you two girlies are up to. I didn't know that you met at a craft show, that's so cool. This friendship was meant to be! :-)


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