26 August 2009

Angela Does Barbie

My friend Angie's birthday is in late August. She sure has been on my mind. We have been friends for 30 years. I know a lot about her. We sat in English together through our junior and senior years in high school. We didn't always talk as much as my other friends. Angie smiled much and brooded a bit. I knew what she was thinking when the one of the "perfect" girls snooted by. It would be fair to say we raised a little hell in high school. Now I know the only difference between 'good' girls and 'bad' girls is the truth...

I always idolized Angie. She seemed so smart and present, spiritual and mature. And she was and is. We used to talk about Led Zeppelin. Then it became our dead brothers. Now it is the tidal wave of age and all that implies. I think a true friendship started way back then but it has deepened despite how little we get to see each other.

But there is is one thing we never talked about. It never came up. Barbie. We never talked about Barbie. My friend Shelley and I sure did. She even bought my daughter Dentist Barbie. I bought my daughter so many dang Barbies hoping the fever would catch. It really didn't. She liked Polly Pocket and who could blame her? Barbie was so damn perfect and white and tall.

I didn't really play with Barbie as a kid so much as decorated for her. I would set up an elaborate compound for her and her groovy friends. There were really great bedrooms complete with shoe box lids for beds decked out with linens and those green mod washcloths of the 70s for bedspreads. Remember bedspreads? Its all comforters and duvet covers now. But Barbie had fabulous thick luscious green and chartreuse swirl washcloths to keep her warm at night.

But Angie and I never discussed it. However, I now know Angie's whole Barbie agenda via her blog. It is such a good post, a favorite among favorites. She is a brilliant writer and she always has been. I am so proud of her for launching into writing in a serious way, one that I can be a part of.

She is one of those people, because she is quiet and introspective, that after all these years I am still getting to know. She continues to fascinate me three decades later. There is one thing I do not like about her though. I don't see her enough. Hey Angie, do you and Francie want to come over to listen to 45s or for some camping?

Please visit Stalking Sunsets, get to know her, fall in love and wish her a happy birthday in any order you prefer.


  1. I love the way you write about friendship, Robin. This is a great post. Happy birthday to Angie!

  2. I started reading her blog a few days ago, she is really funny!
    Oh.my.god. Is that the coat that I tried on yesterday? I think it is.

  3. I'm beginning to expect nothing but inspiring and wonderful posts from the Nest With A View. Your friend sounds like an all-around awesome chick. I'm off to go wish her a happy birthday right now!

  4. Girl, you so crazy! I love coming here, you always make me laugh with your silly self. I love how you "love" your friends so much...you are too awesome!!!!
    everything vintage

    ps...I love me some Robin! ;)

  5. That WAS a great post, Robin. I love your Barbie photos!

  6. Sigh...The memories these barbies bring back. I don't know how many hours I spent organizing clothes and setting up the tiny furniture...thanks for sharing!!

    (and you're right...that Santa is a match holder!) :)


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