01 April 2010

Bon Printemps

My daughter can jeer all she wants about "mama's blog friends" but you guys know how real it is. No matter what I write. No matter what I whine about, cheer about, photograph or misspell, you comment back. One of you. Someone. Sometimes the same one for each post, sometime a random single response, sometimes every other. Whatever, whenever, someone pats me on the back.

And we all get it. And need it and it is real.

Ergo a new friend from my blog who I comment back and forth with and also email. She asked for my address, would I be comfortable giving it to her? I did and also wrote that I probably shouldn't because I should refuse anything nice she may do. But I sent my address. And I let her do something nice.

And this is what she did.

She sent a box.

I knew it was pretty rare so of course I photographed each step because I wanted to share it with the one who would understand and appreciate it most.

She sent a note. I will keep the content private. But it was dear, very dear.

And there was a box. This was decorated by her own hands.

And inside a little pillow bearing the message 'good spring'.

For some reason so many of us, so many women, with all that we have in our lives... our home, job, children, partners, parents, friends, holidays, grocery shopping, hair to do, meals to cook, dishes and washing....

Somehow that isn't enough.

Somehow that isn't enough and we need each other. We reach out to the unknown and connect. And it is so special.

Thank you Cheryl.

Thank you, Cheryl,  for your comments, your emails, your support, your empathy, your kindess, your time and your gift.

You make it a good spring.


  1. What a pretty, pretty gift.

    Blog friends are as real as any friends I've ever had, although I tend to neglect mine quite often. With all that I have to do, it seems my blog is always the first thing to be put on the back burner when I fall behind.

  2. WOW! First of all...LOVE what you wrote. You said it in a nutshell. And now, the gift...unbelievably gorgeous! The box, the presentation, the gift...how very special. You ARE loved, Robin...by so many...Happy Spring!

  3. So very thoughtful and touching and I bet you feel so special!! And you are!
    The details are just so sweet...

    Y'all have fun at that class tonight..I am gonna make it there one day soon..I promise!!
    Gotta get my ducks all back in a row!

  4. Yes we all need the encouragement and the outreach that the blogs give! What a wonderful perfect gift for you!!! SO sweet and thoughtful!!!

  5. Oh my goodness Robin, this post warmed my heart. I just love what this blogging does for us. I have only had one hurtful experience in the whole time I have been blogging and it pales when compared to all the beauty out here.
    I love the wonderful gift that Cheryl sent you. You so deserve it.
    So you get that from your kids too? lol
    have a happy Easter dear friend.

  6. Of any one I know you are the one who deserves such a gift........You are always blessing someone with your gifts. So it was certainly your turn to receive. Happy Spring to you Miss Robin!

  7. Aw, how sweet! Dont you just love getting things in the mail? I have met so many lovely people through my art and blog. It just makes the big world feel a little smaller, doesn't it? And its always nice to know that there is someone a bit like you somewhere out there~

  8. What a wonderful friend! I do agree, the relationships we make in the blog world may seem silly to others, but we think they're awesome and that's all that matters. Thanks for sharing something so sweet with us!

  9. Hi Robin.... Thansk for visiting my blog. I'm very new to this wonderful world.

    Funny how things work sometimes. Finding your blog and reading your heartfelt entries has touched me. I've been getting some "head shaking" around here about what I do. Blogging I mean. They just don't get it.

    I sent Cheryl a mesage about this very subject.... Friendship. It can be a tough road to travel.

    I thank you again Robin. You are touching lives in a special way with your blog. So happy to have found it.

    Hugs..... Ruth

  10. I love how you unwrapped this treeasure for us!!!


You have no idea how much this comment means. I really thank you for taking time to connect with me. This is why we are here, isn't it?

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