25 April 2010


I just passed through the most recent phase of the Care and Keeping of Betty Jean and I call it "All I Could Do." That phase was bookended by the receipt of gifts from two of my HSGs (High School Girls aka Leaders of the Free World, more later).

The first was received during the non-existant, dismal, cold, blue Christmas. Last year I had written a blog post that included my admiration for mosaicist Amy Baldwin (actually it went something like she is so talented I could just want to run her down with my car). I received a box from Angie. You must say that to the voice of Mick Jagger like "Ain-Jay" and repeat. I am Bert to her Ernie. She sends this piece she commissioned from Amy herself.

So blown away. It was an otherwise giftless Christmas, not without lessons to be sure, this was so welcome and tender, perfect. But Ernie and I do that.

Four months later and at the end of this certain phase where I have given all I have to my particular situation I receive this. The note reads that she is sure I will never photograph or blog about this gift. From Babe aka Shelley. I am Babe to her Babe. 

Never be too sure, girl.

The mirror reads "I can deal with anything with the right drink and a girlfriend." 

It was utter concidence and without my awareness that the gifts received from these two landed when they did.

Well, not by chance.

What would I do without my girls?

Dear God, please don't make me find out. Amen


  1. Oh, I love the book title. Great job Babe & Bert! Oh yes, a mirror, you can always check your eyebrows for extensive growth.

  2. Nothing like great girlfriends!!! I want to see the mosaic in person!!!

  3. Girlfriends...they are the greatest. My best friend (we grew up in Mitchell, SD) now lives a door down from me. A series of coincidences. But the best thing is that we have helped each other raise our kids...feral children who needed to be raised by committee.

    And I am sure you are doing all you can do!

  4. The little jingle.."You gotta have friends" is running through my head and you have some wonderful ones!! I met your creative one yesterday..what a treat that was..I think we were both on our best behavior however...:)!
    Love your mosaic, I was drooling over Amy's booth yesterday!!

  5. Awwww shucks Bert, you're making me blush. The angels who watch over you tapped me on the shoulder and told me to send the mosaic when I did. My angels and your angels hang out together and have cocktails now and then. It was my duty to follow their instructions and my pleasure to add some whimsy to those dark days.

    You have to read the post from Pre-Meditated today. I saw you are following her now. She is hitting on something very real to you right now. I just love her.

    But love you more!

  6. I love me my girlfriends and a chocolate martini to go with!

  7. AWW! The sweetest little bird :)

  8. Hi Robin,
    It's Friday and I'm In Love...and I love you, too. I love you because you are honest and say what you feel. I love you because you are SMART and say it intelligently. I love you because you are hilarious and make me laugh when I am in pain. I love you because you chose to have this blog and I check almost every day to see what you have written.

    I hope you find this...It's Friday and I am thinking of you and sending you a big hug and lots of encouragement in a hard situation.



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