06 May 2010

This Blooms For You

Just wanted to let you know I am giving this pillow away on my 2BirdsInAPod site.
Ends this Friday.


  1. Been wondering how you are doing..I was thinking of you this morning during the carpool to school....hope you are hanging in there.
    Love the hot tool creations below...
    Oh and do not worry about the Margaritas..I am having a few for you here and there until you are able to relax and have a pitcher or two yourself :)!
    That's the kind of girl I am!!
    Sharron aka Vintage girl..

  2. ooh, cool! I need to get over there...

  3. And I didn't even know you had another blog...better hurry over there...that is cute!!!

    Thinking of you...sending good juju...whatever that is!

  4. Thanks for dropping by, Robin!! Love your bloom pillow! Great color mix...:)


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