12 May 2010

Willing Heart

I received another unsolicited gift. This from Renee. While she lives in northeastern Oklahoma, we met in classes at an Oklahoma City paper store (still can't get on their email list, wth?). She also went to Silver Bella last November. She kept to herself. I just figured Jemellia and I were a bit much for her. I mean, some people don't want to have a margarita while they eat key lime pie. That is what being with Je and me is like, I think. It's a...lot.

I ran into Renee in a class a couple of weeks ago. I love seeing her. I guess because she is nice, seems a little mysterious and also seems mature. Like a grown-up. Centered? Yes, that's it. I love that in people, right? I took a picture of her train case. She had this beautiful embroidery piece there. Look, you can see a little bit of each of us in this photo.

Then, I received a mysterious package a couple of weeks ago.

Inside was this box with an embroidered top.
Nothing is impossible to a willing heart.

A note I will not reveal was something about going through the contents of this box. Curiosity. Distraction. The things we need when under stress, in crisis, hurting.
Renee knows.

 Here are a couple of things from it.

I haven't gone through it.
I just want to take my time. Be with myself. And curiosity. And feel close to Renee.
Who is less of a mystery and yet, even more interesting than ever...

One thousand thank-yous, Renee.
I receive the sentiment, labor and love.


  1. What a wonderful pick me up kind of surprise.
    I love that you are savoring it.
    Renee is so thoughtful.
    ((The quiet ones will always surprise ya!))
    I think I am too much for people at times too :).
    Have a wonderful day.
    Love the post below with the photo of your beautiful Mother.
    Computer problems have kept me from being able to comment.

  2. uh that was me...
    Blog crap acting up!

  3. See how easy you are to love Robin. People are loving you when you don't even know it. What am I doing wrong that I don't get all these wonderful gifts in the mail. Perhaps it's the circles I keep and the fact that I'm not crafty enough to hang out with these super creative people.

    Anyway, between you and Jem, which one is the Margarita and which one is the Key Lime Pie?

  4. I love Renee and she IS super sweet and thoughtful! What a fun surpise to get this in the mail!

  5. OK, Robin. This is making me cry. Honestly. I am so touched that she would pour all this understanding and caring into a bundle of arty good things and send this to you. Even the outside makes me cry. I don't usually cry like this...this is amazing. I am so pleased you got this sweet gift and that you are going to take your time to absorb it all. Wise decision.

  6. Hmm, I think Renee took that tag off of my Lucky pants. Damn, I keep looking at each one of these pictures and I am amazed at her handiwork, her generosity, her use of awesome packing tape. How ever did you open that box, cut a mouse hole in it?

  7. How sweet is that Renee.......... She is just as you described!

  8. Do you realize how loved you are? Everyone who meets you adores you and wants to send you prezzies. That should tell you something about yourself. You're amazing!


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