22 November 2010

The Silver and Gold in Silver Bella

My last post Best Me? was such a catharsis. Thank you very much for reading it. Thank you very much for connecting with it. The bare naked truth is so very healing. I am feeling really good just saying out loud my truth that I thought I would be different than I am. I imagined some serene, content, wise woman might emerge as I grew up, but I got me instead. I am always trying to embrace the present and love the flaws, work through this and feel that. I now have to just accept that I am the kind of person that, with an embarrassment of riches in health, love,  prosperity and friends, I still whine and complain about my life. Thank you for letting me. This year has been an invaluable crucible for growth. This blog has been an essential record of it.

I want to show you the completed 'Best Me' necklace from my Sally Jean Alexander class. Kinda messy. Don't quite know what you are looking at. Beautiful. Asymmetrical. I think it is me.

One Silver Bella project completed. What a wonderful one. It means so much to me. Next, I put my efforts into completing my Josephine's Jewels bracelet from French General.

When working on this I asked Kaari whether I should put some of the charms on one side, half on the other. She said she likes to put them all facing the same direction on one side in case she wants to add ribbon and wear it as a necklace...! Never thought of that. I have taken several classes of hers and done many kits and yet she still teaches me such subtle and brilliant things. A mark of a generous artist and teacher.

Thank you Kaari. It is another delicious piece.

Here is a gift I had for Kaari to show my appreciate for her attention and creations.

A knitted corsage, just like the one Jemellia and I each have.

And thank you Silver Bella for the mirror that is you.


  1. Well your Best Me looks even better with seam binding and buttons-- a lesson for all of us.

    Your pictures are so warm, I love it. Maybe they will melt some snow later...

  2. Neat! Thanks for showing us such lovely eye candy. Maybe I need to get in on this whole Silver Bella thing. Is it expensive to attend these crafty gatherings?

    Also, regarding the person you came to be, I just want to say that I totally look up to you. It's the honest truth. You're a very awesome person and I admire you!

  3. ahhh, it looks amazing! That is a fantastic necklace! I will try to get past my jealousy ;) So how was Sally Jean?! I have her book. I tried to solder long ago but it looked rather disasterous and pitiful. I'm glad you guys had a great trip!~

  4. Love you FINISHED bracelet. I need to finish mine so I can enjoy wearing it around the holidays. Thanks for sharing!

  5. I am so glad I got to meet you at Silver Bella Robin! I look forward to visiting you on your Blog more!


  6. It's ALL s0 BEAUTIFUL, R0bin!!! Y0u're flair f0r the written w0rd brings adds s0 much t0 it. Y0u SH0ULD write a b00k...I'd be FIRST in line f0r my signed c0py! ;0

  7. Hope you didn't pee on Kaari this time.


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