08 November 2010

Stalking Sunrises

This sunrise is for my friend who ordinarily stalks sunsets.
She begins a long and arduous journey today.
While I know the way will be rocky, I am sure it will be fertile as well.


  1. Gonna try this again..silly blogger..
    What a wonderful post for your longtime friend.
    I love her blog and her wonderful way with words.
    I will keep her and her sweet kiddies in my prayers.
    Blessings for a beautiful week.

  2. Sigh. This is such a beautiful picture, Robin, all silvery and magical, and such a great gift for your friend. Water is deep and our roads can be rocky but I see that shimmering sun at the end.

    Thanks, my dear, for your thoughtful words, your kind words, and your funny words. I am the gift recipient of all three! I am blessed and honored.

    It was so nice to see your reassurance about my sachets. I was pleased but it is such a relief to see that people whose opinion I value matter!

    Getting ready to be knocked over?

  3. This is really beautiful, Robin...and a sweet gift for your friend...

  4. Why did I never see this? I can't even remember what day it was but now I know. Thank you for that. We have lived it one sunrise at a time for sure.


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