13 December 2010

Must Make Pretty Things

My last post was about the 'r' word. Please read it if you have not. If you did read it, thank you. If you read it and commented, thank you, thank you. If you read it, commented, admitted you had used this word and will rethink use of it, I am deeply touched by your candor. If you said you would talk to your children about use of this and other words, then you have changed the world.

We changed the world.

Life has lots of ugliness built in to it. There is pain, sadness and ugliness. This is why we make pretty things, isn't it? In God's image, we create beautiful, interesting things, driven to do so.
On my return from Silver Bella, I had only unfinished projects. I was impressed that Jackie Peters decided to finish a project daily and post about each all week on her blog. She is so driven, efficient and productive. It feels good to produce. It feels good to make something pretty. It is very important. This is often called craft. 'Crafting' is starting to sound like a bad thing. Arts and Crafts, art vs. craft. Craft used to mean a lifetime's work, a honed skill. A craftsman. What if it is the work of a woman's hands? Creating and producing, making beautiful things. Calming herself, restoring her soul.

I have had some drive amidst the knit, knit, knitting I have been doing to get on with the projects from Silver Bella. One was Teresa McFayden's group project called Art Sisters. It was to be 2 x2 inch squares set in a frame. I found it very difficult to get much done on site. Also, if I make something, I need some incubation time to figure out what I would actually want hanging around my house. I do try to edit. Some people have no such obstacles and busted out some astounding things. This from Karla Nathan, a fully decorated frame. !
Danielle Muller. Oh Danielle. Look how gorgeous this is. And complete. How do people do that? It creates a little competitiveness in me. It also gives that negative voice something to work with. Mostly, however, it is like watching an athlete perform the unbelievable, it inspires me.

I love Danielle's quiet and lovely piece. Also, Danielle is cute all over.

I decided to take the Art Sisters chunks I did complete and combine them with my Junque Journal swap. Sheila Rumney completed the front and gave us the back of the journal covered in music.

I added my Art Sisters to the very back journal cover.

I added the remaining project contents and intructions to the inside face of the back cover. I intend to build the journal from my swap packages.

While I did not take the Kaari Meng necklace class, I purchased the kit. I had some time one late afternoon recently. I rarely work in our library but the afternoon sun called me to this spot and I worked from here.

Here is my necklace and it is fabulous.

From left over pieces, I made these earrings.

I found a beautiful place to sit. I am grateful to have a beautiful safe place to sit. I create beautiful things. Thank you hands, grateful for time.

Grateful for this blog.

Thank you dear reader. I feel inspired by you and these beautiful things.


  1. So many beautiful things, Robin. Doesn't it feel good to accomplish them? I find getting started is the hardest part. Keep creating those beautiful things with your beautiful hands and heart!

  2. You know you changed my world many, many years ago, right? I'm so happy to see all this beauty flowing from your talented hands and to read of your grateful heart. You look so very happy love. All of which lifts my spirits just to know it. Keep souring beautiful bird.

  3. You go girl...................love your finished projects!

  4. Looks like you have been busy. Great projects.
    Love your pic at Silver Bella. You are so pretty. :)

  5. Robin - you have so much talent make absolutely beautiful things. I'm absolutely in love with the raspberry colored scarf I purchased from you at Silver Bella. I had a hard time choosing because I wanted one of each thing you made but I'm very happy with my choice.

  6. You create such beautiful things Robin! I truly enjoy visiting here and being inspired by your talent as well as your words. Have a very Merry Christmas.


  7. So much creativity and inspiring beauty, Robin! Thanks for sharing!

  8. LOVE your necklace!!!! And the sunny spot you chose. And Danielle is a doll!!!!!!!! I fell in love with her in California this year in July at Les Sirenes Event. And then we got to see each other at Gilded life in October. And then she & I will be in Manhattan Beach again in March for Moulin Rouge. I wish yo were going with us too. LOVE the photo of the two of you in your boots. I hope we get to hook up when I come to Oklahoma for a visit. I am dying to meet you & Jackie in person!!!!!


You have no idea how much this comment means. I really thank you for taking time to connect with me. This is why we are here, isn't it?

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