27 December 2010

As December Declines

This week is that final slide into the new year. I hope you enter this week satisfied and spent in a good way. I'm feeling pretty good. Reflective without remorse. I wanted to post something pretty for the last or nearly last post of the year. Actually I think I post something pretty most of the time and so it is quite fitting to close the year with handmade beauty and the friendships such work inspires.

I did Suz Reaney's Upcycled Treasures one-on-one swap for Silver Bella. Each participant was to create a one of a kind necklace pieced from vintage jewelry and found objects. Suz randomly assigned a giver and givee to each member of the swap. We answered a questionnaire of sorts so we could please our recipients. I had never done a project like this before nor had I met Lisa Orme for whom I was making a necklace.

Let me show off my contribution. Here my packaging which bears Lisa's initial in a brooch. I was very thrilled to see her wearing this rose later in the weekend.

 Aren't layers just delicious?

Inside the pouch was this cigar can I found at Junk Bonanza in Minnesota.


Inside the cigar box was another pouch! Packaging foreplay...

 The little velvet pocket held a surprise pair of earrings to go with the necklace.

 Seriously, sexy right?

Ahhhh, the necklace. I had such a hard time parting with this!
Every single piece came from another necklace, earring or button jar.

 This pewter cameo was found at the Canton, Texas flea market.

The entire ensemble...I met Lisa after I designed the necklace and packaging. She is gorgeous and laid back, with a hippie feminine chic quality. Once I took in her delicious style, I even more excited that my creation would be a great fit.

 Here is Lisa opening it at Swap night in Omaha in November of 2010.
Look at cute dear sweet Franc Franke sitting next to Lisa.

I loved this necklace so much I offered to buy it from her if she didn't like it.
No sale...

I absolutely fell for Miss Rita Blanks at Silver Bella in 2009. I was lucky enough to cross paths with her last summer at the Gilded Nest event in Dallas.
Somehow the fates assigned her to make my necklace.
Oh good stuff.

This necklace is a generous melange of rhinestones, pearl birds, robin's egg blue, tarnished brass, silver and gold.

Rita managed to make this piece full of intrigue and yet somehow delicate.
That would describe Rita herself. I adore this woman.
I adore her.

I am so happy how this experience turned out. I have a wonderful new friendship with Suz that got very deep very quickly. Suz returned from Silver Bella to devasting news regarding his husband's health. I am so glad to call her friend.

Thank you Suz for this year of friendship, laughter and tears.

Thank you Rita for you whom I enjoy just knowing out there in the world.


  1. What? It's over? I was just getting worked up. Story of my life.

    I love every single photo. The one with you & Suz makes me teary.

    Have a fantastic week Robin bird.

  2. The one with you and me makes makes me teary, too. First of all, do I really have three chins? Second, am I twice your size or three times your size, little one? Third, it makes me teary because I love our friendship and feel so blessed that someone as wise, wacky and talented would write something so sweet about me. It is a lovely post and I love seeing the Upcycled Treasure pictures. It all flew by so quickly that I didn't fully appreciate the beauty of what was created in the moment. I agree with you about both Lisa and Rita and adore what you gave and received.

  3. Best wishes to you and yours this holiday season. Friendships truly are a blessing. Creative friends even better. :) The necklaces are absolutely gorgeous. My cousin makes jewelry and I am always amazed at what she comes up with. So much more special when it is all made from found pieces. Wishing you peace, love and joy in the new year. Tammy

  4. Had your package been given to me without the jewelry in it, packaging foreplay would have been enough.

    Rita and Suz... both amazingly wonderful women.

    Have a fabulous New Year, Robin!

  5. They are absolutely gorgeous!!! I covet it all! Great making good friends and you are a great friend. Glad to call you mine :)

  6. Such wonderful swaps, Robin...beautiful pieces...and to have such nice friendships, too~ you are blessed!

  7. You are a very generous friend Robin! Love all the gorgeous bling!

  8. The necklace is gorgeous, and I really dig the foreplay!! Silver bell a is such an amazing weekend with incredible woman!
    Lisa is a doll!
    I'm very happy to say that I, too, call Suz a great friend. I am so broken hearted thinkingvabout the awful blow they received about Juds health.
    Happy new year Robin!! I hope 2011 is better !

  9. Hi, Robin, dear friend, and Merry Christmas to you. Wasn't this SilverBella swap just the very best! Giving a gift to a friend is wonderful, but making the gift just makes it so much better, for it is in the making that true friendship grows truer. I had such a lovely time in the dreaming of and designing of your gift....please enjoy! xoxo Rita

  10. Wow! Absolutely gorgeous! Your packaging and the entire collective ensemble is truly exquisite! The one you received is beautiful as well, what a neat exchange!

  11. Dear Sweet Robin....When I found out you were to create my necklace I was giddy! Your an amazing artist with a beautiful sense of detail....I absolutely adore my necklace and earrings as well as the gorgeous packaging....I hope your holidays were the best and that the New Year brings you peace and happiness....Love your friend, Lisa

  12. Hey Doll
    "Happy New Year!"
    Have a Fab 2011!

  13. Thank you Robin for your sweet post. I'm so looking forward to this new year and all it has to offer.
    I'm also looking forward to all the new creative challenges headed our way, making new friendships and tightening the bonds of established friends - how fun!
    Happy New Year!

  14. Oh you're right...what pretties...and when it involves velvet, my heart gives a little leap ;) I'm glad to hear that this Christmas was a gentle one for you. And I hope this new year is a good one as well. Here's to lovely and healing and peaceful 2011!

  15. I LOVE all the necklaces you showed in this post. SOooooooooooooooooooooooooo pretty. I can't believe we were at Gilded & didn't know it. HOW FUNNY! Well we MUST fix this problem we have. Yes, Rita will LOVE taking a class with Diane. I know she already had a one on one class because the weekend I went to San Antonio for the class with Mary Hetts, Rita was at Diane's daughter. I think they were working on your necklace. Or a little wire wrap class so she could make your necklace. She had just left as I was coming in. And I did get to meet Rita at Gilded Life in October. In fact I have a picture of her & her crown on my post that time. Hope you have a HAPPY NEW YEAR! Charlene


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