24 February 2011

Big 'ol Reversible Shopper

Time for my monthly installment  for Jemellia's Style Stitches Monthly Bag Challenge.  February's bag is the Reversible Everyday Shopper.

Kinda' love faux bois.


Lots of cute bags on the Flickr group.

Next month zippers. I'm scared.


  1. Robin your shopper is cute. I just bought the book so I have not even picked out fabric yet. Do not fret zippers the way they are sewed into the bags is the probably one of the easiest ways to sew in a zipper.

  2. Hmm mmm, this is nice!

    If you don't love faux bois, you are not human.

  3. How cute! I haven't even started mine yet - better get a move on. I'm coming to OKC today so I'll see if I can pick some pretty fabric. I sure hope this is much easier than the Cosmo bag...

  4. I love that bag! I want to make one...I should have joined this sew-along!

  5. What a fantastic bag! I absolutely love that aqua/yellow combination! Perfect for Spring!

  6. Great shopping bag. Fun and reversible. Happy shopping...

  7. When I hear the word "faux bois," I know I have found my peeps.
    (Really cute, Robin)

  8. I love yours! Couldn't believe how big it is! btw I am talking about your bag ;)

  9. What a beauty! Ya know what? I am seeing faux wood in a lot of crafty places. There are many stamp companies that have made stamps with wood grain. :)

  10. Simply fabulous bag...the fabric combination is just so darn cheerful! And, the shape is wonderful. I love a big ole' bag that I can cram with all my necessities. I never was a clutch purse kind of gal....


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