04 February 2011

Love Birds and Post 200 Winner

We had snow, thunder snow. Yes thunder, sleet and snow. Blizzard winds at 58 mph here in Oklahoma City. Yes the wind does come sweeping down the snowy plain. I used our snow days as an opportunity to work from the Incomplete Projects List and accomplished this Love Birds Wreath by Heidi Wallingford. I received it one year ago. It is nearly vintage now. I rarely work with hot glue. No matter how much I know it is hot I always burn my fingers and yell "this glue is so HOT!" I don't like it. But it works so well...

Heidi does a really nice kit.

Looky! It only took one year...

The view as I walk in from the garage.

Thanks so much for all the love in celebration of my 200th post. You are my love birds, yes?

I will be sending this ephemera package to Alisa!!! Please contact me. How cool, you were number 24 by the number generator! Alisa has one of my very favorite blogs! Congratulations girl!

 I will be doing more give-aways this year! Thank you guys so much.


  1. Congrats, Alisa!

    That wreath is beautiful! Heidi is awesome, huh?

    I was so shocked to hear thunder on Monday night, too. Now, if only it would stop snowing...

  2. Hi Robin -

    Thanks for letting me know ~ it looks so lovely, and that's right where I have mine hanging too!

    Oh snow - we have hamster tunnels here in my driveway, I have NO idea where the plow guy is going to put any more! I saw a sign in someones yard yesterday that said "Free Snow" I think he's stuck with it for a while!

    Stay warm & happy ~
    xo Heidi

  3. Oh, shoot! Well, if I can't win, I am happy it's Alisa. She has a great blog and she is a very nice person, too!

  4. Such a gorgeous wreath! I love it!! Congrats Alisa...how exciting!

  5. I just found your blog and gosh is it ever beautiful. Your entry from the garage view is realy gorgeous. Love your purses too! I'm a follower and can't wait to see more.

  6. Darn it, how did I miss a giveaway post?! Was I lodged under a pile of snow? (probably) well, that wreath is just too darned adorable. You make the prettiest things! And I love your entry there...i could just live in it!~

  7. Love that wreath! I don't know about you but I'm so over the snow.

  8. Congratulations to Alisa!

    Robin I love your heart wreath.

  9. I have Heidi's kit too and mine is still in the box!!! I hope to get to it after Moulin Rouge *fingers crossed*

  10. I am going crazy over this wreath! I LOVE the tissue, the glitter and of course the birdie!!!!

  11. Oh - what a lucky girl!
    Your wreath is gorgeous Robin - as is everything you create. :)

  12. Congrats to Alisa! Your entryway looks beautiful!! Your wreath is so pretty, too!

  13. ME?! So awesome... thank you, Robin!


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