23 January 2012

Magpie Still

It's been a while since I've posted any flea market finds. Since my husband is collecting so much old stuff, I have found that I have been more interested in other things (i.e. make-up) but...
In September 2011 I did find this basket, book, dictionary...
And my husband brought these home to me.
They are enormous ledgers and yes you can covet them and wish me ill.
 Well, please don't, come to think of it. I have to take care of this boy...

This month Sparkle and I went out to our little shop for a date.

I have not known how to announce this but Sparkle's sweet husband died rather quickly just before Christmas. She is left to deal with her own world turned upside down while watching this grief tear through their nine year old daughter's life...She is very brave and wrote a beautiful post about her fresh grief. It would be special if you gave her some love. I feel wrong to slide this information in on this very seemingly happy post, but that is exactly how his death struck.

Here is a sunset for him.

On a lighter note which I have been so eager to seek, here is a video of cosmetic favorites that is long and will be the longest video I make. I learned a lesson.

But that's what we are here for. Some are not so hard. Others, well, other lessons take the support of many for decades on end...


  1. I can covet (there much to covet in those photos) but I would never wish you ill. Maybe I need to go shopping at your husband's shop when I get there!! I wouldn't mind a little time with that sweet doglet, either.

  2. I *almost* got an awesome handwritten ledger from the 1890's from the Flea Market in Tulsa. I was looking at it, but it was priced slightly out of my range. While I was pondering whether or not I could pay that much, I looked to the side for one tiny second and some lady came in and scooped it up! I wanted to cry, especially when she turned to the vendor and said,she'd pay the man exactly what I thought it should have been marked for. Ugh - lesson learned to SPEAK UP!!! I'm still kicking myself over losing out on that one....
    I'd love to see your husband's shop sometime - I think my husband would benefit from a hobby like that.

  3. oh robin...i LoVeD your video on all the products that you attribute to your timeless beauty...i too, am crazy about vanilla mint lip shine, a bedtime favorite. but, not so sure about the scent of nut oil...i must go & make my list, can't wait to try some of your favs!!! franc

  4. Coveting.
    But I would never wish you ill for many reasons... such as, you make awesome videos.

    Give Spencer a kiss on the nose for me, please.

  5. Love all of your goodies! Old books are so great! Loved the video, Robin...and yes, I did watch the whole thing! I'm with you...no shimmer eyes for me...I'd look like the crepe monster. For awhile I couldn't find matte shadows anywhere. Thankfully they are coming back. I have a lot of big issues with my eyes due to chronic dry eye...my secret eye makeup remover is baby shampoo...gentle and cheap, and recommended by my eye doctor. Another product I love...Loreal Revitalift Double Eye- it has an undereye cream and the upper eye gel firms nicely and works well as a primer for me, too!
    I'm really sorry to hear of your friend's loss...XO

  6. Robin, you are cracking me UP! I love your sense of humor, and I found this video to be quite informative. I horrified my mother-in-law last night by mentioning that I've been using the same tube of mascara for over 2 years now (I don't use it very often in my defense), so I might have to toss that one and grab some of the Mabeline stuff that's making you look so foxy.

    Also, I remember when people got their hair "frosted".


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