17 January 2012

Reverb 2011 Post 3

My December Daily journal was from Hope Wallace Karney's Reverb11 prompts.

Day 10(above left): ten things I was thankful for in 2011.
Day 11(right): a strengthened relationship,
was certainly with my (Larry's) daughter for which I am very grateful.

Day 12: something you planned to do but didn't was certainly the year of Amy Butler bags. Arg.

Day 13: biggest indulgence was time. Although I decided since "indulgence" has negative connotations to me I may use "nurture" instead...as in the sentence "i can indulge others but I nurture myself."

Day 14(above right): best meal was my new recipe for short ribs which I had never cooked with before. But will again. Tonight...

Day 15: Favorite photos from 2011. Of myself a self portrait from the summer seen on left. By me this peek-a-boo moment between my daughter and grandson.

Day 16 (above left): a memorable moment is tucked inside the envelope.
Day 17: bravest moment was with mother as she died was was dead.
That beautiful mother and child postcard is from Audrey Eclectic.

Day 18: memorable trip for me was all the college tours with my daughter.

Day 19 (right): most surprising revelation and here I channel Hope's work the most I think...

Day 20: I changed my mind about eReaders. Thought I would never give up books. While I won't, it is so easy to read in bed with my iPad.

Day 21(right): remembering goals from 2010. My word was "shine."

Day 22: a place visited which holds special meaning...the lake.

Day 23 (left): saddest moment...

Thank you for indulging me by viewing my journal.
I will nurture myself with short ribs.

Also my husband's hobby has become pretty serious...


  1. Robin, your journal is so special...so personal and beautiful...it truly touched me! Thank you for sharing it! And I visited the Oklahoma Barn Market site~ I guess his hobby HAS become pretty serious! That is exquisitely gorgeous furniture...wow!

  2. Love the post! You were on a long journey in 2011!

    I absolutely love what all your husband has been up to...........! Can't wait to see all of the goodies in person, one of these days at the BARN!

  3. Beautiful work, Robin. Did I tell you that I am taking the online She Art class? I love it. :)

  4. Oh Robin - thank you for sharing such a personal journey with us. Your journal is beautiful!

  5. RoBiN... your beautiful journal is amazing, as are you! you have a gift and i'm so happy that you share yourself with us. here's to 2012...and, i,m loving all the barnwood pieces that your husband is making, very cool. i'm just trying to mentally fit one my art room or anywhere for that matter. franc

  6. I enjoyed going through your journal with you tonight (although I'm a little bummed I can't eat the ribs with you too) Your journal will mean even more to you as the years pass.
    sending hugs...

  7. Robin,

    You just dazzle me. I think you did your very own version. I know you learned from Hope but it doesn't look like Hope.

    I applaud you! I adore you!


  8. I really think it's fantastic, Robin, that you've documented all of this... especially the hard ones.

    PS. You Shine pretty dang bright in my book.

    1. Alisa,

      I swear I have never enjoyed a journal more. It was just what it was, not trying to create art or anything or a them, just stuff, just answers. I feel so much more free than I used to using and doing, creating...

  9. I love this journal. I really love it because, as your friend, I know most of these events, even the short ribs. Wait, especially the short ribs.

    I gave Ms. Betty Jean an AE card with a mother and baby, too! I don't remember which one, though.

    You made something beautiful out of something very difficult. Bravo. It's much easier to make everything ugly.

    1. Je,
      Thanks so much. I am using this new reply system. I typically like a private reply so I can be inappropriate as you know, but I think I will stay nice this time...

      I am sure that AE card is in her things. I haven't been able to go through them yet. I know there is a little zipper pouch in there...

      I have spent far too much time making some ugly.


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