02 January 2012

30 Day Photo Challenge: Gratitude I

The first month of the new year. Inhale...

I really enjoyed the daily challenge provided by Hope's journaling prompts for December 2011. I am finishing that up now. I used pictures very often to express myself as I have done since I got my first camera, an Instamatic in the 1970s. When I saw this challenge by PositivelyPresent on Pinterest I hoped it would be a great way to start the year and fend off the cold January dark thoughts...

One-One-One Two:  Favorite Food

Yep, its peanut butter. It is the first food I remember crawling on the old Formica counter top to reach. It got me through grade school, college, PA school, rotations, years of work and now, days at home, stretches of ennui. I am always seeking protein, and here it is. I prefer Peter Pan just soes you know...


  1. What a great photo, Robin, and a fun challenge! I loved looking back at your year end review, too! You are so creative in so many ways...it is inspiring! XO

  2. Happy NEW Year Robin!
    May you enjoy every journey this new year brings you.
    Love this photo and idea.
    I love PB too but have developed a nut allergy..darn it!!

  3. Oh, me too :) I just had some slathered on some banana bread just mere moments ago. If you never tried it....DO IT. ;)
    Hope you have a happy new year! Hope to see you in real life some time soon!~

  4. What an homage to peanut butter, one of my favorite foods! Great picture, Robin.

  5. Good luck with your new challenge. Anything that beats the January drearies away is a great idea in my book. Look forward to your stuff. :)

  6. Only if it's been enveloped in chocolate.


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