11 December 2012

Spellbound: The Event

Spellbound, a Gilded Life Event was held in November 2012 in The Langham Hotel in Pasadena California. I will not go on about how opulent it was, I'll just post some pictures and you deduce what you will.

The Langham Hotel was truly the perfect setting for a Shea and Debbie event...

The property is smack dab in an old Pasadena neighborhood through which I took a quiet walk whilst California showed off its weather.

The name tag. Yep, name tag..
Welcome dinner make and take was this sweet pouch.
Here with my Kaari class bracelet and the goodie bag. Yep, bag...
Place setting for lunch...
My necklace from class with JoAnna Pierotti...
Stitching goodies from Pam Garrison.
My project which will become a journal cover rather than a wall hanging...

My Kristen Robinson project is unfinished. I was having a hard time soldering that day but the bracelet project is beautiful with lots of nice components she supplied.
Michele Muska. Oh what a lovely surprise she was.
I made the ladies a little mix {tape} as a gift...
The plan is to hold second annual Spellbound Event November 2013.
Chances are quite good I will not be able to resist...


  1. It would never be the same without you. xoxoxo

  2. So beautiful, Robin! Your goodies are so heavenly. I hpe they do it again next year. Be safe.

  3. Thanks for giving me a chance to relive that event... just soooo much fun! I, too, will be taking some of the projects and creating a variation with them. For instance, the felted cuff is slowly turning into a needle case. Michelle had the best classes, didn't she? I loved meeting you and in fact, I am now your newest follower on your blog! See you for sure in 2013!

  4. ooh & ahh...all i can say...we must do this next year. love my bracelet & you? franc

  5. You just made my Christmas Season bearable, Robin, with your incredible kindness
    and musical and crafty brilliance. You just get it, girl, and that is no small thing. More soon.
    Love you,

  6. I am putting it onto my calendar for next year. Somehow, I will be there. I just will be. I MUST be. I think my soul needs it.


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