04 December 2012

Spellbound: French General

It had been a year and a half since I attended an art retreat. The last one was shortly after mother died and I amazed myself with the good time I had. Of course it was about the people, the place, the projects and activities. And food...
It was Art of Spring at the Church in Dallas hosted by Debbie and Shea of The Gilded Life.
I had decided to choose one event per year because you can't go to everything but I always want to. I kinda didn't want to do another Gilded retreat simply to change it up. But I chose their event again because it is a sure thing, it will be good, it will be worth the money and it will be low stress because they think of everything. So I chose Spellbound...
The night before Spellbound, held in Pasadena, California, was a Soiree at French General hosted by Kaari Meng. I have a love affair with Kaari, well, it's just me involved but I think she'll come around.

I always go to Kaari's classes for the following reasons:

1.   French General products and quality are second to none.

2.   She is friendly, funny, engaging and a calm teacher.

3.   Nothing is required. all the tools and components are there.

4.   You will walk away with a completed project that is usable and high quality.

5.   Also I love Kaari.
It was a delight to be in her Riverside, California brick and mortar store...
I couldn't even look at the Wall of Beads in Jars for about an hour and a half.
Make and takes.
What I bought.
The class I took with Kaari at the Spellbound event itself, her Bijou bracelet. 
Over 70 beads and charms.
See what I mean?
Sweet postcard make and take of French General for Jolee's Boutique.
Dee-lish my sweet sweet Kaari...
I alway act like such a goofball around her...and also everybody.


  1. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to read your posts Robin. You inspire me so much.

  2. Oh my, Robin...what a place and a wonderful post...my jaw dropped! Must have been a great time!

  3. Hey pretty girl!!! I am SO glad to read about your great time at the retreat. I have always wanted to attend one so I am living vicariously through you : )
    sending hugs...

  4. I think I just shorted out my keyboard from all the drool dripping after viewing all this lovely eye candy. Gosh, Robin, did ya just feel like you died and went to heaven? Someday, maybe next year, I'm gonna make it to this event. It's on my bucket list! What an adorable goofball you are!

  5. Sounds like you had an amazing trip! Thank you for sharing. It brought back wonderful memories of my and Chris's trip to French General last January. It truly is a most wonderful place!

    1. I think Shea and Debbie taught at that one? The beaded flower?? I would love that class.

  6. I would imagine the whole shop is overwhelming in its awesomeness.


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