04 January 2013

2012 in Review

I love to keep records. I fully believe that is at the heart of my love for photography, that and the visual content which gives me endless pleasure. The year in photos...
Tried a 30 day photo challenge with the theme of gratitude making this journal as I went. I love making my own journals and filling them with photos which for me tells the story with little need for the written word.


Mother's birthday, my first she she died. I celebrated her birthday by placing pink roses on her grave. I also bought myself this mother of pearl ring. It brings me pride and joy. It came from Pandora.

Quilt class with Jemellia as she pursues her life goal to teach sewing.
My daughter's senior year, and all that implies. We hosted a french student for 2 weeks then Allie went to Senlis, France to stay with her family. My longest separation from her.
A good experience for everyone. Mostly her.
Mother's Death Day. I took this Utah trip alone to hike and heal. I got out of my head and into my body as I was challenged in many ways. One of the greatest most affirming experiences of my life.
Je and I with our little bird houses from a class at Paper Crown with Collete Copeland.
Allie addresses graduation announcements. How can that be?
The Prom...
The Face...
Bike wreck. Just in time for graduation...
Time at the lake.
On the water.
With Friends.

With family.
Or just us.
Saying goodbye...
Lollipop wristlet class with Je.
Creating for Glitter Market...
Staying as busy as I can (see also June and August).
Celebrated my husband's birthday in Kauai.
A highlight of the trip was a helicopter ride.
Another was this hike to view the Napali coast.
But also this guy. Uhm, 60.
A new skill.


  1. Your year in review is fabulous. The short and sweet tribute needs nothing more than your memories you hold in your heart. Blessings with Peace and Joy for all of 2013...

  2. I love your review! The memories are what is most important. :) Missing you!

  3. What a beautiful re-cap and reflection of 2012. These photos are a lifetime of memories and treasures......sniff, sniff.

  4. Loved reading your review, Robin. It made me teary-eyed. <3

  5. Love seeing all your adventures!! Love you!!

  6. I read Allie's journal.
    Recognized a French face when I saw it.
    Didn't realize how bad your bike accident was. Ouch.
    Was surprised and delighted to see the bird houses.
    Husband in spiffing shape.

    Wonderfully done.

    Love, Colette

  7. What a year you had, Robin...its amazing when you look at it all in one post this way. So many life changing events...so thought-provoking. You make me want to start journaling...XO

  8. Wow, what a year! A lot of things going on, but I'm happy to see the healing happening too. Including from being roughed up on your bike! I had no idea! Shoulda seen the other guy, right?
    Wishing you a wonderful 2013!~!

  9. That was one of your best blogs ever, Babe! Loved it! All except that face and Allie leaving part!!


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