30 January 2013

Life Journal

This is a journal I challenged myself to in January of 2012.
The goal was to have an entry each month. 
A title page.
Answers to this 'Currently' prompt.
A favorite photo from the month.
 A self portrait.
Finally anything that marked a highlight of that month.
It took very little time each month, but the overall effect is quite satisfying.
I put to use a Rebecca Sower journal I  have been holding on to.
I was so proud of letting myself use it.
At the end of the year I did a 'Reflect" section...
which included mini booklets of things from the year.
Things I created...
This journal tells a personal story of the year one month at a time.
I decided not to do the same thing thing year.
I put together these pages with the thought of doing an art journal page each month. 
Haven't started in it, though. Seems this thing keeps getting all up in my grill...


  1. I love your journal! It's fabulous !! What a great idea!!
    xoxo, Jennifer

  2. I could just eat. her. up.

    And the journal is totally cool.

  3. Your creativity is inspiring! Love this journal and all the ideas inside to remember what you did when.

  4. Gurrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!! Chest Bump! <3

  5. Such a wonderful keepsake, Robin! It's so great to look back at! Your pup is a heart stealer!

  6. This is wonderful. Thanks for sharing. :)

  7. I love that journal, and the puppy is super cute too!

  8. I want to make a journal that I love. Even signed up for some online classes.... Do you think I've done anything? NO! Love yours!

    Thank you for the sweet words about the house. It needs ALOT of work. Best of all.... It has a huge workshop that I can get other girls to come play ART! Hope you & some of the other Oklahoma girls will come down sometime? I would love to invite some awesome teachers in. Have a great weekend!

  9. I just stumbled in here...and what really grabbed me was the fact that you allowed yourself to create in a beautiful book. It brought me up short because it's the kind of thing so many of us do...buy something because we love it and then just look at it without using it...so I'm glad you did and what you created is a fabulous keepsake. That you are choosing to do something different this year? That's true creativity!


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