26 January 2013

New and Different!

It was time to replace my sets this month due to 5 years of bimonthly washing. I went from eggshell and taupe to cream and gold.
Ow, ow!
I also replaced some undergarments in the same range of shades.
I am wearing electric blue polish on my toes, yo.
Also, life is too short for cheesy sheets, towels and panties.


  1. I have nothing clever to day even though your post begs for it!! Love your colors, love you.

  2. A good reminder, Robin! My son has told me I need to replace my towels. No, they aren't ratty looking. If they were I would be all over it ... or maybe not!! He tells me that they have a bit of an odor when wet. Whaaaa??? Funny, I don't seem to have that same experience. Hmmm... do you suppose it's him? Nahhhhh!!! LOL So with your reminder of needing to switch old for new, I will put this on my to-do list. Ta, ta!!

  3. Love new sheets! I saw some pretty OPI nail colors at ULTA on Friday...a few pretty shades of blue too. :)



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