27 June 2013

Butterflies and Daisy

Alisa Noble donated this handmade journal to the Hope For Oklahoma Art Auction in June.
Being the selfish hoarder of my friend's work, I had to have it.
She added many things to my package.
Lovely unexpected hand carved wood stamps, and pencils.
Butterflies always appear in Alisa's work. These are completely hand stitched.
Coral hearts from a trip to her father's lovely beach...
 A thousand thank yous Alisa.
And then this...
Daisy Noble
left Alisa and Brian last week.
Goodbye sweet girl...
Goodbye sweet Daisy.


  1. I can see why you hoard her work...so lovely! I am very sorry to hear about their sweet dog...XO

  2. Alisa does the most beautiful things!! Of course, you had to have it!! I surely miss hanging out with you girls. Sorely.


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