12 June 2013

Full Tilt

Once I found Mary Ann Moss and her Remains of the Day Journal tutorial, I found IT. Everything I had been saving and learning came together in a sewn handmade book.
I signed up for her next online journal class, Full Tilt Boogie in November 2011.
I don't think of myself as an optimist or even a hopeful person, but I somehow believe in this future Utopia of feeling centered and having loads of time on my hands.
Since that hasn't happened I embarked In May of 2011, only a year and a half after my initial purchase, to watch the videos and make a journal.
Using the 30 minute chunks of time I pieced this together over several weeks.
And I am in love.
I utilized an old celluloid album I bought in November 2012 at the Rose Bowl Flea.
I employed the sewing collage page technique from Remains of the Day.
I made my pages the same size, mostly.
And it is fabulous.
I made it!
I love it!
Remember that childlike enthusiasm for things you made? I have that now!
And I will not apologize for tons of photos of my baby!

The back...

I want to remind you about the Hope For Oklahoma online auction which ends 14 June 2012. My dolls are currently at $10 each with free shipping. You an get a deal here and help Oklahoma following the May tornado devastation.


  1. Yes, but you are so good at journals. I'm not, so I'm enjoying yours ... vicariously.
    Love, Coco

  2. Your journal is wonderful Robin - I have it excatly the same way with those classes. The best thing I have even done - taken those. Love the album yóu have used and your pages are wonderful too. Well done you. I enjoyed all your photos - thanks for sharing

  3. Robin, your journal is absolutely wonderful! I love all of the different elements and textures you pulled together for a special one-of-a-kind work of art!

  4. Mary Ann's Remains of the Day Journal that I made was the reason I started my long lost blog. I couldn't wait to show someone so I made a video & posted it. I loved that & understand how proud we are of our "babies". My cover had a cheerios box as the basis. I haven't done anything with it but Lordy, I do treasure that thing!! Love yours. I love the symmetry of the pages, the size. Would love to do another of her classes if I ever have the time in Utopia! Hugs!!

  5. This is the second time I've been by here to look at it.


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