04 December 2013

Creative Contents

I put together this journal is January thinking I would do collage
and REAL visual journaling.
Didn't happen until all at once in November. 
 This is the evolution of the cover.
Magazine pages.
Paint. Ink. Marker. Pencil.
Its interesting to know when something is complete...
I kinna dig it.


  1. You are something else girl..............love it!

  2. I love this in it's entirety, but that rectangle of yellow in the center with the dots, that = sweet spot.

  3. It's so fascinating to see your process! I loved journaling when I was a teenager. It wasn't anything creative other than just writing, but I have never really transitioned back into it as an adult although I mean to. I admire your dedication to your journal creations, and I find it very inspiring. If I ever do get back into it, I'm sure I'll have you to thank!

    1. Oh girl! Thank you. I know you have busy happy hands. If you want and need to journal, you will. And I will want to see!!

      Also, you are adorable.


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