09 December 2013


I love to make lists. I love to cross things off.
I did biochemistry and molecular biology research for 7 years and loved planning my work, researching, making the list of tasks then performing the tedious repetitive motions to complete the plan.
I found it all oddly creative.
Now with art there is no true need for a list. Mary Ann Moss talks about responding to the 'committee in her head,' just doing what she is told, without thinking.
I find myself doing that now with the tearing, gluing, smearing and drawing.
So where's the list?
Its in the photos of the work I take.
I get in bed at night and look at pictures of the progess for the day.
It is akin to a list-
a retroactive visual list...


  1. When I complete a task that is not on my list, I will add it so I have the satisfaction of crossing it off.

    I like your visual lists. A lot.

    1. Yeah I totally do that too.

      Sometimes I have the same list in two different forms for double crossing off.

  2. I love my lists for the satisfaction of crossing the items out! And then there are the lists I make to take out with me and forget them at home... ah, lists. Your visual list is super.

    1. Yes but only to the grocery when you are hungry, and forgetful, right????


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