05 October 2009

Frost On Your Pumkins

As much as I hunger for summer, my favorite season in Oklahoma is the fall. I love that cool morning smell and a backpack for school. It isn't as windy here in the fall which is nice. It is that weird time in the garden when pinks and blue of summer bloom alongside the russets and mustards of fall.

I have a special love for October as it is my birthday month.The only thing I ever want and have ever wanted for my birthday is birthday cake. I really look forward to that. I firmly believe that cake is the only reason to celebrate birthdays or go to weddings.

I also love pumpkins. I have made a few batches of this Pumpkin Annie Doll. She is one of the first dolls I ever made before making my own patterns. She is a Little Missy Primitives pattern. Missy's blog is Crafty Carnival where she has a few free patterns. Her partner Nicole still is doing dolls and if that's your thing you oughta see them.

I want to thank Audrey for finding this gal on Etsy. She is featuring my dolls on her blog. She is all about promoting Etsy sellers and must spend many hours each week on her blog. I really thank you Audrey, that was just so nice. Nice is good. I love all this good stuff between all us otherwise strangers. I am really amazed by this internet love. Women will find a way to connect. Connect or die.

Back to my sweat shop. Gotta make the dolls. And they are a bunch of witches...


  1. I miss the Oklahoma Fall. It is quite beautiful here as well but with Fall comes the inevitable Wisconsin Winter, making it harder to enjoy. I love your little pumpkin friends; in fact, I'm going to go to your site and order one right now!

  2. I love all of your work, but I think the little pumpkin babies are my favorites. The witches are adorable too. Maybe I'm just biased because I get really into fall like you. See, you've got me wanting a pumpkin latte right now!

    Also, as a beginning knitter, I am completely in awe of how talented you are with the needles. Very impressive, my friend.


You have no idea how much this comment means. I really thank you for taking time to connect with me. This is why we are here, isn't it?

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