21 October 2009

Sweetest Peek

I will be attending the workshops and estro-glitter-fest that is Silver Bella in November. My "friend" that talked me into going also encouraged me to do a swap. There were many swaps to choose from from making charms, aprons, mittens, collage, ornaments and so on. Also they fill up like in minutes. All new to me.

I did join a swap called The Sweetest Thing Recipe Swap hosted by Shea. I did 2 sets of recipe pages. I don't scrapbook. I do, however, sew. So I did this and here is a peek.

Don't tell my "friend" but I actually enjoyed it.

Also, I named this beaded leaf neck cover "speckled leaf" which was influenced by comments to the last post. I couldn't see the nest for the leaf. Anyway, thanks for helping with that!


  1. Robin, that is so adorable! I'm not a scrapbooker either. I don't know what I would have done. Silver Bella sounds like a blast.

  2. Very cute! I just love the look of linen. "Speckled leaf" is the perfect name for your new scarf(let?). I'm sure it will sell very quickly!

  3. Hey Cutie - just left you a special birthday post over at my blog. Been thinking of you all day!


  4. I am loving the look of this peek!

    I didn't sign up for this swap, but I did consider it. Speaking of, I probably better finish up my last two!


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