12 December 2009

Curly Girly

The last tree topper for ya'. This girl has red hair, a little lighter than the last one and her hair is a wee bit curly!

Look at her balls! So sweet. I can get her to you before Christmas. She will make a great gift.

Find her on eBay.


  1. I do love the little balls! It was hard not to snicker as I typed that, but I managed. I kinda want a dress like that! Do you make big-people clothes?

  2. I saw your tree toppers at deluxe and they are SO cute! Loved them!~!

  3. Again, I love the balls with the polka dots!

    And I'm still chuckling over the comment you left me!

  4. Totally charming and whimsical. I love her!



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