17 December 2009

You Never Forget Your First Girlie

Last month, some gals and I went to The Girlie Show which is a Rosie the Rockin' Riveter kinda of girl power art show. It is our highest quality show in Oklahoma City. It was my first Girlie and I will be going back. Uh, stood in line to get in, in the cold wind. That is how good this dang thing is. I am going to show you what I bought and brag on these great artists.

Those little felted flower hairpins are by Quid. Heather is precious and runs a fabulous boutique and blog.

I fell completely in love with Janet Waldrop, of Skip 2 My Lou, last summer while in Tulsa at An Affair of the Heart. I bought this necklace then.

I know, right? At the Girlie Show I bought this bracelet made with 100 year old French ribbon.

I put it on, shopped around and was compelled to go back and buy something else. And no, I am not holding out on you for Janet's link. She doesn't compute. She works making these stellar collaged vintage pieces instead of sitting in front of the computer...hmmmm, interesting...look at this necklace.

I will just take a minute to tell you about Amy Baldwin of Curly Q Mosaics. She is completely cool for one thing and I love her face. I just do. She is very supportive of local artists and is a great customer for one thing. And then she does these mosaics you just have to see. I bought this little mushroom. Honestly, she is so talented I could just run her down with my car. but i might break the piece I am wanting, so I haven't done that, yet. You are welcome, Amy.

And this darling girl makes lovely jewelry, both new and vintage pieces. She's Natalie of Ornamental Things. I bought this necklace collaged from a button and an old brooch. Yum. It is just the perfect length and I wear it all the time.

Just really been into jewelry. An old obsession all new again. Hope the drooling didn't ruin your keyboard.


  1. I heard it was a fabulous show! My mom came back raving about Skip 2 My Lou as well, wishing she had bought something :) Your pieces are lovely!

  2. I heart it all! Love the jewelry with the vintage photos, I saw her in Tulsa too and fell in love :)

  3. Gorgeousness... all of it! The ribbon bracelet...gaahhh!

  4. Yep, I had to change out my keyboard...s%&t!!!
    I just wanted to pop in and wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. But. Since you made me all jealous with the goodies you bought, I'm taking it all back.
    Happy Holidays Friend~
    everything vintage

  5. I am finally getting around to all the cards I received from Silver Bella. It was so nice meeting you. I love all the treasures you brought home!!!

  6. Robin! Gahhh...I'm just now seeing this! I ADORE everything you found at the Girlie Show! AND...I basically ADORE you, too! :)


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