08 December 2009

Winner and a Brunette Christmas Dolly

I have drawn a winner of my pillow posted on December 1. I put numbers on slips of paper, folded them, placed them in the 'ol cigar box, which was then shaken not stirred, and selected a number. That number is 6 which is Nanette! Nan, I will see you Sunday at our Garland class, shall I bring it then??? Congrats and thank you. Nan is an amazing doll maker herself. I am such a hack compared to her!

My next tree topper is a brunette and she is oh so cute. Look at her balls, uh, ball fringe...These girls are so sweet on top of your tree or on a candle stick for a centerpiece. She is listed on eBay.

Thank you guys for your comments and for reading me. I really appreciate it!


  1. Congrats, Nanette!

    Lovin' the polka dotted dresses, Robin!

  2. oh, she's the cutest! I love her polka dot dress! too sweet...

  3. YOU are NOT a hack!!!! I love you, chica!!!

  4. Hey there I am new to your blog.. found you through Freckled Farm. Love your work and I am so bummed that I missed the event at Paper Crown.. I have been wanting to go there forever!!


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