19 January 2010

Ms. Sower

I have flatly decided not to do a post about Haiti. I am sure we all feel the same impotent horror about the situation. When I first heard about an earthquake there, my first thought was about Rebecca Sower. She is an artist I admire greatly and she writes the first blog I ever followed. I am frankly infatuated with all things Rebecca. She has visited Haiti on missions efforts. Haiti is clearly a part of her heart and therefore her blog. She had just returned from Haiti and had been posting about the people she had fallen in love with. She doesn't talk about the work she does there for them, she posts about the love and joy the Haitians have given to her. She brought Haiti to me. I think she would be extremely proud of doing that. So when I heard about the destruction there my first thought was about how close we came to losing Rebecca. Small. Selfish. Egocentric. But there it is. I will not talk about my feelings that have evolved from that moment, but I will tell you to read Rebecca's blog for a tender look into Haiti and the lovely people there.

I will also tell you about Rebecca and how she has touched me. I was given a link to her blog about a year ago by Jemellia. I became smitten by her work as has the world. She is well known in her field of ephemera and collage. I love the Internet so much because you can admire someone, get to know them and also purchase their work. I bought an art quilt pendant from her last March. It was packaged lavishly and sweetly.

The pendant is so lovely and delicate yet durable.

Jemellia and I went to Silver Bella in November and took both of the Sower classes offered. We loved just looking at her. When you admire someone and then get to take their class, work with their materials and have them right there to answer questions...it is...I am unable to describe it. I was star struck. She is so willowy and soft spoken, sweet, delicate but also firmly grounded and exudes a kind of glow and quiet confidence. I esteem her. We just loved looking at the simple way she wore her apron. This just made Jemellia and I swoon. The twist on those straps...

We took her Cigar Box Assemblage class. Here is the kit. It was so hard to open it. I just really wanted to be present for the three hours we got to be in that class. I knew how precious that time was and how it would affect me. It is a snow globe in my mind, I can return to it, give it a shake and feel shiny.

For this piece, I used little photographs of my family. Rebecca said something about not having borrowed relatives.

Look how pretty the final product was. This is the sign of a great instructor. We were all able to complete a high quality piece of art.

The next class was the Hodge Podge Journal. She is known for her assemblages and for her quirky little journals. Another kit. Open it Robin, just open it...

Along the way..

My journal remains unfinished. I only want to go back to the kit and materials when I have the time to really be there. It is a way to connect with how much that woman's work inspires me. I want to honor that. I know that sounds so, kinda like, I need a real friend or something. But, I enjoy having an elusive love like this with her. It doesn't need to make sense to anyone else.

On vendor night she was right next to our 2 Birds In A Pod booth. While that must have been a bit of a disapointment to Ms. Sowers, we were thrilled just to watch her work. So calm. Such class. Oh and her apron. Just...hugable.

Seriously, we look a little alike right? A little? Look how puffed up I am next to her. What a joy. Really, what fun.

Thank you for getting to this point with me. Now you know how I feel about Rebecca Sower. Reading her posts about the Haitians she loves makes me realize how founded my admiration for her truly is.


  1. I was so close to wearing mascara this morning, I'm glad that I changed my mind. Lovely, lovely, lovely post.

  2. Very nice post. You two could be sisters!

  3. You and Rebecca could be sisters!!!!

  4. And I just added you to my "Groovy Peeps"!

  5. What a beautiful tribute. I can't bring myself to read her posts about Haiti right now, but I will eventually. Thanks for sharing her with us. By the way, the resemblance between you two is uncanny. Perhaps a sign that you are equally as beautiful on the inside as well. I'm just sayin'.

  6. Hmmm, yeah, are you sure you two arent long-lost sisters? You two look so similar! I'm so glad that she had returned and wasn't caught up in all that tragedy. She was definitely being watched by an angel!

  7. Oh my word... if I had written this post, you would not have found much difference in it! She is such an amazing and inspiring person.
    I finished my journal and have actually been creating art in it... this may just be the one I completely fill up.
    As with your journal, I'm waiting to finish my cigar box. It has to have my complete, undivided attention in order to complete it.
    Wonderful post, Robin.

  8. You do look alike. Someday I will not be in school and will be able to attend a Miss Sower class. She is incredibly talented.

    Oh you should come to Phoenix. Miss Maija is such a hoot. I have met so many friends through classes.

  9. What a beautiful post for an inspiring artist. I love her style and she inspires me with everything she makes. You summed her up wonderfully. She would be all smiles if she reads this!!

  10. How neat that you got to take a class from someone you admire so much! I need to take more time to allow myself to be inspired by other artists. But then again, I need to take more time for a lot of things...

    And yes, I did notice quite a resemblance between the two of you. I think it's so sweet to see how much you enjoyed your experience.

  11. Hmm, Zen Mama, I don't know about all of that, Rebecca is really, really nice and I never heard her complain about my eyebrows.

  12. Well, Jem, you don't hear everything she says...

  13. Oh Robin, this is such a lovely tribute. She really is an amazing and inspiring woman. This post reminded me of how much fun I had sitting next to you during the Hodge Podge journal class. I just hope my constant chatter and messy workspace didn't take away from the whole RS experience. :)

    BTW, thanks for your comment on my blog. I was so excited to see your comment and just had to pop over and say hello! I can't wait to have a few more minutes to catch up on your beautiful blog.



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