24 January 2010

The Newspaper

In an effort to receive the love that exists and too often goes unaccepted, I would like to honor this simple gesture. My husband places the  newspaper at the foot of my mother's bed every morning. Every single morning. My mother reads the paper front to back, every word. She always has. He knows how important the newspaper is to her and places it there for her to see first thing of a morning.

It is such a simple act for him. It is so huge to me. I receive the love and acceptance of our situation that he demostrates by doing this.


  1. That is perhaps the kindest thing I have ever heard. Honestly, it is. So simple yet it speaks volumes for the depth of his character. Tell him I love him too!

  2. Sweet!

    I read that issue this morning. =)

  3. You really did well on that waffle! Don't throw him out! I love him because he loves you sooo much! Must be a great feeling!

  4. What a sweetheart.
    Hope you are doing well.

  5. Hi Robin I came by to tell you how much I appreciated you taking the time to let me know about the new editor in blogger, but then when I got here and read this post I got so teary eyed(I'm lucky enough to be married to such a man) that I had to take time and read more of your posts. Let me just say that the one on friendship and followers intrigued me and know I cannot wait to go back over and read some of your other posts. I so appreciate you taking the time to comment on my post.

  6. aw, those guys can be so sweet in their own ways, can't they?


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