28 January 2010

Tennessee Magpie

In keeping with a recent  post where I talked about my admiration for Rebecca Sower, I continue, in a sense, here with a recent trip to Tennessee. My husband's mother lives there and we've visited a few times. I absolutely love Tennessee. It is familar to Oklahomans in that the pace is like home and the people are friendly. However, it is greener and rockier. I just love it.

Three things were nice about this trip. First we got to see the new house that Phyllis and her boyfriend built. Boyfriend? Partner? Husband-ish? Gorgeous place with sunrise over the ridge. Phyllis is really a pleasure to be around. We just don't see each other often enough, not even every year. If I didn't like her we would see her constantly right? She has such great personal style as well, especially when it comes to jewelry. She isn't afraid to wear big artistic pieces. Lovely.

Second good thing is that when we got there I was just coming off my Silver Bella experience and two Rebecca Sower classes. Knowing that she lives in Tennessee, I kept thinking we were traveling the same roads she does. I love Tennessee. She loves Tennessee. It does explain her sweet, clean ways, really, to see her home state. I looked in all her windows, but she never answered the door...

The third great thing about this trip was going to antique stores I'd never been too. Also, it was good to be flying with the concomitant limited space for purchases. That helps inhibit my impulse control issue and limits how much I drag home. While there, I started buying buttons. Like jewelry, you can collect many, many buttons and they do not take up much space. A brilliant new obsession. Here is a calendar plate, another obsession, with earrings, another obession, and buttons that I found on our day. Look, travel size!

Phyllis gave me some buttons once she saw what a freak I was being for them. She let me look through hers and take what I wanted. I had to use such restraint not to just take the whole box.

I mean, I liked Phyllis before, but now...are you kidding me?

Finally, I did realize there was a fourth good thing. The taffy. Also, I did not go to nor look in the windows of the Sower home. She won't tell me where she lives...odd.


  1. I am currently drafting a "cease & desist" of the photo with the pink beads & white buttons on the mirror, I need to not see that anymore. Ever. Thank you and good morning.

  2. You and Jemellia crack me up.

    Looks like a lovely trip. I have always felt a deep connection to the Tennessee/Kentucky area, even though I've never visited. Is that strange?

  3. She must know you're a stalker...hmmmm

  4. What a fun trip! I am a sucker for road trips, and now you're making me want to pack my things and head for Tennessee. The scenery is lovely, and I am always down for browsing new antique shops. I kinda want to meet Phyllis too, she seems like a very cool chick.

  5. Love me some buttons!!!
    Second Chance in Omaha used to have big 3 ringed binders of antique buttons... some quite pricey, but beautiful!
    Looks like you got a lovely haul there!

  6. Hilarious, Robin! Great post! I, too, love Tenessee. One of the 8 states that borders my HOME (of origin, even though now I'm in Dallas) of Missouri! I don't know how I ended up at your blog. I think I came here via ... well, I don't know actually. I was blog-hopping and somehow linked to your blog to check it out. (I even backtracked here to try to find out who's blog linked me to yours, but I can't figure it out now!) Anyway, I LOVE your posts. You have that wonderful sense of humor I adore (and like to believe I share!) Then, when I came down to the bottom here to comment, I noticed that right above, my good friend, Alisa, was the last person to comment and I thought, "Now I KNOW Robin's a cool chick! If Alisa thinks I'm great and Alisa thinks Robin's great, then we must all be great together!" I like to infuse a little humor in my posts, too. Just doin' my duty to "keep it real, girlfriend." And, BTW, I know you will be deeply moved by my oh-so-deep comment. No, really, you will be. Cheryl p.s. Phyllis is AWESOME! I'm lucky I got a great MIL, too! Can I go visit her? Maybe she'll let me take some buttons, too!


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