29 August 2010

Been Menging to Mention

It was Jemellia that turned me on to The French General. Word of mouth certainly grows businesses. We took a class from Kaari Meng at Silver Bella last November. What a respite in the frenetic, over-stimulating and under-fed environment that is Silver Bella. Kaari provides everything for the class which is so nice not to lug around all your gear, much less dig through it. Or the thing I really am uncomfortable with-all that stuff everywhere, covering the tables, scattered about the floor.

I love to look at other people's treasures to be sure, but Kaari's class is a wonderful negative space filled with serenity. And...Kaari does this demonstration of how to operate a jump ring that is akin to ballet.

We made lovely charm bracelets and were charmed by the lovely Ms. Meng. I was hooked.

This spring, Kaari did a give-away asking for a memory involving that blue. I wrote my story about getting my picture made in a blue velvet dress, the fabric of which I can still remember the exact texture of. I am forever smitten with that color.

Kaari selected my memory and sent me a bracelet kit I recently finished. She told me my story had evoked a memory of standing by her father wearing her Mary Janes and white socks. She had to have each anklet at the exact same height as the other. So dear.

Another beautiful bracelet. Again, thank you so much Kaari Meng...

Earlier this year Jemellia and I went to Dallas for a Private Kaari Meng Event at Shea Fragoso and Debbie Murray's church. This necklace is an amalgam of what the Gilded Life ladies and Ms. Meng do and do so well.

I had to miss the Mary Englebreit event due to caring for my mother. Jemellia and my stand-in Shelley went. I really appreciated Shelley stepping up and taking my spot. I was blue that weekend to miss out. But of course Jemellia gifted me a kit and a book from Kaari.

Kaari even sent class kits to me. I was quite overwhelmed with the generosity. Quite. This is why I can't quit her. Neither Kaari nor Jemellia...

I have been completing a few of my French General kits lately.

Each includes vintage charms and beads making the kits limited in availability.

The product is always heavier and richer than you see in pictures.

Better than expected. Isn't that nice?

And rare? Well, that describes Kaari Meng...


  1. Oh and you do such an amazing job putting it all together! Yes Kaari is such a sweet person. She really did hate that you weren't at ME. Jemellia was fantastic at hooking you up with some great kits. True Love:)

  2. How nice that she sent that back with Jemellia for you...I love that necklace you made at Shea's event! Gorgeous..

    So agree with what you wrote about the classroom clutter at Silver Bella. It about puts me over the edge to have my stuff all scattered about. I have got to find a better system to transport my belongings from classroom to classroom. One thing for certain, I am definitely bringing less this year....

  3. She has things I never see elsewhere, Robin. Grab those kits up and make those jewels! That's what I should be doing right now...

    Next year, I am going to take Kaari classes just for the peace and quiet! Seriously, I loved her classes last year and loved not having to haul supplies. Less this year, for sure, Steph.

    Shelley, you are funny! Jem, go wash your mouth out with soap!

  4. Robin what a darling in that blue velvet dress!!!
    I envy your talent at creating beautiful things. Oh I know, we aren't supposed to covet, but you make it sooo hard to be good.
    I wish a blessings for you at this time concerning your brother. My wish for Landon is that his siblings will love him after I am gone. I do not expect them to care for him...just be his advocate. They are wonderful at it already, so I have nothing to worry about.
    hugs to you...

  5. Robin, what a great story and the jewelry is to-die-for. I wish I had found Shea earlier than just the last event! I shoulda, coulda, woulda been there! One of these days maybe I'll make the over-the-top Silver Bella too! Suzie


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