15 August 2010

Gilded Day The Last

And now, my final installment regarding the trip to the Gilded Nest Art Event at the home of Shea Fragoso and Debbie Murray. I have to say all that fabulousness and reporting all that fabulousness can be exhausting. Also, I realize what a good problem that is. Somebody had to eat all those cupcakes...

Sunday was brunch followed by Shea and her technique of wire wrapping. We began with a little treat from Jo of Where Women Create who sent each of us a little some-something.

We had a practice bracelet which I was happy with and frankly could have stopped there.

Of course the grand finale was this charm bracelet. Mine of course says 'nest' because that is where all paths begin and end for me. One of the most important things in my life, the nest...

During a drawing for many pearl-clutching delights, I was the lucky draw to receive this print from Jenny and Aaron of Everyday is a Holiday. What a thrill because, you dear reader, need to realize my deep and abiding love of cake and icing. Cupcakes actually represent the best life has to offer in confection. Thanks so much to Shea and Jenny for it!

Also my bird Jemellia showered me with what can only be known as an embarrassment of riches and roughly a yard of embroidery.

Thank you Jemellia. So much.

And thank you to Shea and Debbie for a thrilling, indulgent ride of luxury, laughter and love.


  1. I can't really relate to all the gilded stuff, as you know. However, I totally relate to Jem's gift. I didn't know the two of you were fans of Sedaris. I just finished 'When you are Engulfed in Flames".

    Other than that, just wonderful to see you so happy.

  2. Ok tried to post this and it didn't work I guess. Anyway..... Everything is freaking beautiful!!!! However, what your pod mate made is making my jaw drop! Love the embroidery!!!!!!

  3. How have I missed these last three posts??? must be the HEAT!!! I am speechless...yes me can ya belive that???? over this fabulousness!!! Every little detail and oh the talent your ladies have!!! Plus cupcakes..mmmm.
    So happy for you!

  4. Hey sweets,
    great post.
    What a fun weekend we had.
    You are such a treat. I just love ya!!!
    see ya at silver bella

  5. I love the rhinestones around the bezels! How wonderful your work is!

  6. So...much....fun. Loved getting to sit with you on day 3. I haven't wire wrapped since but I keep doing it in my head so I won't forget!! Keep up the spunkiness....wish we lived closer. xo~C

  7. I love your pictures of the event, we all had similar ones, but we all put our own spin on them! I hope you're coming in October? I was probably the first to register as I was watching closely for the email! Suzie

  8. The most fabulous weekend I've had in ages!
    I hope to see both you and Jemellia in October.

  9. Robin,
    What a beautiful post. I love your bracelet! I am not surprised...I have been waiting for it.

    Jem gave you a great bundle of treats! She has many of my favorite books on her embroidery. David Sedaris is so funny. Reminds me of my family!

    Birds and nests are at the top for me, too!


  10. Ahhhh...Robin! I find myself just smiling through your post! I love your lovely trinkets and your event sounds fabulous!

  11. Robin, I love your bracelet you made! I used some of that amazing rhinestone trim at the lasy event & loved it so much that I went hunting it in LA when I was out there for Kim Caldwell's Event in Manhattan Beach, CA. I found some like you used but, the one I really loved was the one she had for our class. It had one pearl, one rhinestone,pearl, rhinestone. Don't you LOVE using it. That picture of you & Shea is really cute. That CHURCH is amazing isn't it? Can you imagine living in something sooooooooooooo wonderful? Charlene


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