09 August 2010

Gilded Day The Church

The Gilded Nest event recently attended by Jemellia and me started with a bus ride over to the city of Canton for hotter n' hell shopping. The next two days of the workshop were held at The Church of Shea Fragoso where she lives with her family and mother Debbie Murray. In the heart of Dallas, this church had been abandoned for many years before the daunting task of restoring it to its former beauty as well as the conversion into a single family home.

Debbie Murray restored the leaded glass windows, Shea's father built the cabinets, Shea decorated and Robert brought home the dough to get this deal done.

They are very generous to open the doors and entertain.

The room most likely to induce spontaneous urine flow is the studio.

So, take a look and I will be quiet.



Take that in and I will tell you more soon...


  1. So...answer me this...if someone has spontaneous urine flow just looking at your pictures, will they be allowed at the next retreat? And would it be considered a positive or a negative? Just wondering...

    Missed you...glad you are home!


  2. Love seeing these photos...So cool that you & Jemellia attended this fabulous event...What an experience...

    Hope you both are doing well.

  3. That is a place we all dream of having and those gals do!! Thanks for being quiet so I could enjoy it!!! ;)

    btw Thanks for the sweet words on my girl Lu. I has been a rough doggie summer for the O's:(

  4. hey doll
    what a fantastic time we had.
    you are such a peach. im so glad we got to hang out over the weekend.
    cant wait to see some more of your photos.
    o ya if you have the ones with Stella and me, i would love them.
    thanks sweets

  5. Damn girl, those are some good photos. Did you know that i did not even walk around the studio this time? My bladder asked me not to do it.

  6. Ooooh....shiny....love that they restored a church into a home! Those windows are amazing. And love all that bling :)

  7. It was fantastic, wasn't it? I'm still dreaming of a studio like Shea and Debbie's....


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