23 August 2010

Not Enough

Thank you is not enough to express my gratitude for a lovely post on Katsui the blog hosted by Susan Reaney and her daughter, Kat. Their blog is about their lives and love for jewelry repurposed from vintage elements.

The did a post called A New Talent about my soldered charm necklaces.

A very real compliment since jewelry is the kind of thing they do...

Here is Katie and this joyous necklace I have been looking at too many times to feel comfortable admitting.

I met Suz last November at Silver Bella. I can pick a Minnesotan out of a crowd let me tell you. I was immediately drawn to her. We have become good friends through our blogs and emails. I cannot wait to see her in at Silver Bella this year. She has a monstrous hug coming her way.

You can find their lovely pieces at Katsui.  We will be hosting a little joint give-away soon as well, so stay tuned for that.

Even though thank you is not enough, Susan and Katie, I will say it anyway...thank you, thank you, thank you...


  1. I am loving both of the pieces! I will be giving Suz a big spanking when I see her...

  2. Robin I am with you........Suz is one of the sweetest gals! I have never even met her in person. Only on our blogs. I could tell right away how gracious she was just by her comments she left, and her posts on her blog. I am anxiously awaiting Silver Bella when I can meet her in the flesh!

  3. That's so awesome! So, can I claim to be super hip and awesome at picking out 'new talent' because I've thought you were cool for a long time ;) I love your jewelry you've been making. you're so darned creative!

  4. I read that post and everything said was so true!
    And Suz, herself, is just as great a Lady!

  5. Awwwww! Makes me teary to read this...especially Jem's response ;-)

    I love what Robin does. She is an artist who makes jewelry!

    Humungous hugs back at y'all!


  6. Well your jewelry IS pretty amazing, you've got to admit. I've been blown away since I first laid eyes on your lovely concoctions of sparkles, charms, and pieces of history.

    Also, I don't blame you for staring at that necklace so much. It's so unique and eye-catching!

  7. love every item and I was happy to say so - very cool, Jennifer

  8. Robin, I have such an appreciation for your jewelry and all the time that goes into each unique piece. Your jewelry is absolutely gorgeous.

  9. Hmmm. I'm sensing the building of a Robin Thomas fan club here. Can I be the President?

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