30 January 2011

My Cosmo Ya'll and Post 200 Giveaway

My girl Jemellia is quite the seamstress and fabric is really her thing. She is hosting a Monthly Bag Challenge using the Amy Butler book Style Stitches.

Having never sewn a bag or used a pattern before, I took a class at the local quilt shop, Quiltworks, with my buddy Leslie using the Amy Butler Birdie Bag pattern on Friday. I chose to use a French General fabric with a bird on it for my first ever sewing project of this kind.

It went so well! I was thrilled with the outcome.

I thought "Oh my gosh, I am good at this!"

And then...

The Cosmo bag... I chose this Dena Fishbein blue with birds, of course, from Hawthorne Threads. Love their website.

Just so you know, Amy lists this as the first bag and calls it easy. I could gouge her eyes out for that. Thank God Leslie had shown me how to do the Birdie bag or I could never have figured out much of this pattern.

That last step was horrible, ridiculous and the wonkiest stitching of all is right there in the handle of the finished product. I am still reeling from the beastly ghastliness of it. Other members of the bag challenge produced some lovely bags and they can be seen in the Flikr group. Not everyone is as surly as me about it!

That's why its called a challenge and thus I am more determined than ever to complete all 12 bags this year but only because Birdie is so cute! And by Birdie I do mean Jemellia.


This is my 200th post. I would like to celebrate. I feel like shipping out that Cosmo bag but I have as much time in it as it takes to get a Master's Degree, so no. I will however put together a little surprise package of ephemera to one of you, something like what you see above. Please leave a comment here to enter. Entry will close at midnight Thursday, 3 February, 2011. I will announce a winner by random drawing on Friday.

Thank you for coming here!


  1. The Bird Bag should, of course, go to the Robin! I will be very happy to get the ephemeral!


  2. OH Robin~ your bags turned out wonderfully! I'd never know the last one gave you so much trouble! I love your fabric choices...just beautiful! Congrats on your milestone...fun giveaway!

  3. Those fabric are so beautiful and the way you put them together makes me wish I could do more sewing then hem pants.

  4. Robin, love your Cosmo bag! whoo...a give away....what fun! It was so nice getting to know you at SB. I hope our paths will cross sometime this year. I have enjoyed reading your blog....you make me smile! I hope and pray that your 2011 is a calm year for you to enjoy! xoxo sheryl

  5. OK...this doesn't count, I know. My little IPAD was being slow and the pictures did not come out until after I was "published." You are SO GOOD, little Robin! I am dazzled! Your fabric selection is fab and I made little IPAD go in very close so I could check your stitches. Wow!

  6. Robin,

    Both bags turned out so pretty and your sewing looks nice as well. I agree with you....some patterns can make you screaaammm!!

  7. I love your Cosmo bag. The fabrics you chose coordinate so nicely together and the final product is Gorgeous!!!

    I have the Birdie Sling pattern sitting on my shelf. You make me want to dig it out. Yours is lovely.

  8. I'm new to your blog, a fellow Cosmo Bag survivor clicking through from your Flickr pic. Love this post because I, too, struggled with this "easy" project (although I'm an experienced sewist) and was in a foul mood by the time it was done. I'm still mixed up in love-hate feelings about it, but it represents far too much work and anguish to ever give away.
    You chose lovely fabric, and your bag looks great!

  9. I hear ya with the sewing but your bags turned out beautifully. A friend, oh so many years ago, tried to get me to make a log cabin quilt block for a pillow front. I could cut the pieces just fine, but when it came to sewing, she told me I had a lead foot (sort of like when I drive). I couldn't control that dang machine, so she finished it off for me. :) I haven't seen a sewing machine before or since. Now I am trying hand sewing but have so little patience. Hope you are having a great day. Tammy

  10. I love your bags...they are yummy!

  11. I am swooning over these bags!!! Fabulous job Robin!


  12. OMG!!!! You are so crazy!!! I love that you busted out two bags this weekend!!! The fabric on that cosmo bag is TO DIE FOR!!! Sorry you had such a cranky ol teacher on the birdie sling! ;) Anyway, I love all the fabrics and remember what you, Holly and Jemellia taught me when I first came on board........ "love and embrace." No one is looking as close as you are at your stitches. I think they look beautiful and you have earned a few drags on a cigarette!

  13. Oh my goodness girl! I want that first bag. I love fabric. But fabric and me don't go together. My MIL quilts some of the most amazing quilts and makes beautiful bags. I am so jealous. I have several Vera Bradly purses and all the goodies that match. So fabric purses/bags are my thing. Too bad you don't live close. I would go to class with you and learn to do it myself. :)

  14. I love the bags!
    I can't sew to save my life so the fact that you handmade these bags is pretty darn awesome in my book!
    I would love the ephemera thank you very much!!!
    Shannon C

  15. I love your bag!! So cute, and I LOVE the colors!!! Great job!! I am feeling a little bag obsessed these days! I might check out that book!

  16. Congrats on 200 posts AND for finishing 2 fabulous bags (even if one gave you more than a bit of trouble).
    I will also be learning to make bags this year, and I am both dreading it and excited for it.

    ps: I have a giveaway on my blog starting tomorrow for a gnome & mushroom pincushion and some art. Pop by if you get a chance!

  17. Okay Robin, really..................you are an incredible seamstress. Your choice of fabrics are so you and you did a great job! BRAVO...........

    Congratulations on the 200th post! You have earned the highest praise in the world of blogging. You are a fantastic writer and sincere in all you post.
    Thank You for being you.

  18. Lawd A Mercy...those bags are beautiful,honey!!! You are good at this. Wonky doesn't look wonky at all. I am going to have to look for Amy's book. Only one place I have found here carries French Gen fabric & it is waaaay in Houston! I just love all of your fabric choices and think Jemellia has gotten you into something good! Pat yourself on the back big time!

  19. I've made some of these bags and I agree, there has got to be an easier way with some of those directions! But your's turned out WAY cute and you should be proud! I'm going to check our Amy's book! Isn't sewing fun? Count me in for the giveaway, 'kay? Congrats on so many posts!

  20. Your bagas are beautiful! I don't blame you about not wanting to give it away, I know that there was tons of work involved! I am not a good seamstress, so I can only imagine the difficulty! :)

    Be safe & stay warm tomorrow. Looks like we are in for a snow day! :)

  21. You are VERY, VERY good at this Robin!!! These are beautiful. I adore the fabrics you used on both bags.
    I love to sew, but haven't ever done a bag like this. Someday I would love to give it a try.

    I loved your little caged faerie. So sweet. These posts have really inspired me today. Inspired me enough to get my butt off the computer and out to the studio. Thank you!
    hugs to you...

  22. The bag is lovely! The colors are just perfect! Oh, and I do love me some ephemera...

  23. These are both gorgeous, Robin! I love the fabrics you chose and, if you're a beginner, I am amazed how well you did. I hated those handles, too! They're truly the worst part of my otherwise cute bag.

    Congrats on your 200th post!

  24. Oh Robin! Those bags are BEAUTIFUL!!! I absolutely love the fabrics you chose. Wow. Wow. Wow! There is no way that pattern was for beginners - and if it was - I'm not sure what's going to happen if it gets more difficult than that.
    Please enter me for your giveaway - I would love a little packet of ephemera.
    Stay warm, stay safe!

  25. Seriously!?!

    I love everything about it (about both, actually)!

  26. Wow! I love your cosmo bag! and your choice of fabrics
    I'm looking forward to seeing the rest of the bags if that was the easiest!!!!

  27. Okay, I have a confession to make! I stumbled across your blog around the holidays and have thoroughly enjoyed it. Your photos are beautiful, your projects are fabulous and your writing...well, what can I say...is AMAZING! It's like a good book I can't put down, filled with highs and lows and truths that allow us to feel your emotions. I love how "raw" you can be and how you are not afraid to express yourself. I can definitely use a lesson in that department. I should go ahead and stop, as I probably sound like a blog stalker by now...lol.

    Anyway...Congratulations on your 200th post! You did a beautiful job with the bags and the fabrics look wonderful!

  28. ok robin, i'm not here just for the give~away...
    i am here to say i love your bags (not under the eyes), but your awesome bags that you have just whipped up...the fabrics you chose are so very cool. oh, how i wish to learn to sew, to knit, to just be you...
    your buddy, franc

  29. Your bags are turning out wonderful! I've tried bags and all the "outside-in and inside-out" flipping was too much for my mid-life hormonal brain! Then the handles and pockets and closures...oh my! You have a very nice blog and I would like to sign up/in for your giveaway! ~*~Lisa

  30. Hi, Robin. Congrats on post 200...wow! Your bag is gorgeous...I love the colors you used! Hopefully our paths will cross again soon!

  31. Don't worry, Robin. I get surly too when I spend any amount of time at a sewing machine. I guess surly is an appropriate word for it, although "hateful" and "enraged" would also suffice. ;-)

    Congrats on creating 200 beautiful, insightful posts! The world is at least 200 times better now that you have done so. I mean it!

  32. Your bags are beautiful, Robin! See, even with sewing the phrase still is true, something wonderful can come from hard times. Thanks for saying that I'm cute.


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