14 March 2012

30 Day Photo Challenge: Gratitude III

More pages from my 30 Day Photo Challenge which I bound into journal form.
Part two is here. Old above is for old friendships, over 30 years...
Hands and words. What else is there?
Prompts are from PositvelyPresent.
Technology. Hehe, a picture of me taking a picture of me on my phone. Neato.
That elastic card came right out of mother's sewing case. Sort of a big deal for me to use it like that. Trying to live life and use the good stuff.
My husband is my best friend. I really just comprehended that.
You'd probably figured that out for yourself a long time ago.
Not me.
Everyday is a new beginning.


  1. Robin, your work is so out-of-this-world creative and beautiful and yes, I knew that good looking man was your best friend the night I met him......kissy, kissy to both of you.

  2. This book is such a treasure of wonderfulness and gratitude. Blissful Creation...

  3. I am always so impressed by your beautiful journals...so personal and artistic!

  4. Art journaling just for you... sometimes it's hard to get to that place, isn't it?

    Love, love, love the use of your mama's elastic.


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