08 January 2013

Rose Bowl Flea Finds

A trip to the Rose Bowl Flea was part of the November 2012 Spellbound event.
Why is it some people can look good looking into the sun? Whatever.
I bought this blue suitcase right away and then promptly filled it.
I could have sold that case many times over.
I bought a complete service for 6 on this mother of pearl flatware.
Can you just smell these erasers. I had to have them.
This school work book is from Garfield county Oklahoma. I had to bring it home from California. It is an exquisite study of biology and geography. I cant find a date on it but the pages are so old. half the page has waxy pages and the other half is like kraft paper. Lot so drawings. And this student shared my father's first name.

It's back home, Floyd.


  1. such lovely finds and so meaningful too..no?
    happy 2013!

  2. What awesome finds, Robin...and a set of pearl handle flatware, too? Sounds like a perfect day!

  3. What fun we had...............

  4. Looks like a great day and great finds!

    Did you know I was born in Pasadena???????? Yep I sure was! St. Lukes hospital!!!!!

  5. You found some treasures! That biology study is wonderful, and was truly meant to find you, no? Also, that red book with the floral design that I just see a bit of is killing me. What is the title?

  6. Robin! Hello! So happy to see your blog again. I dont know how I got disconnected from traipsing over here? Well anyway, here I am ;) LOVE all your pretty treasures, especially Floyd's beautiful notebook. How amazing that you could bring it back to Oklahoma. Love that. And yes, I can smell the erasers!

  7. I just found your blog through Rebecca Sowers link... and when I saw that treasure from Garfield County, I was amazed! I have a lot of relatives in Garfield County! It is amazing how this world is like an ocean... things travel out, then travel back home. Lucky find for you! And nice to meet you!!


    1. Monica,
      Thank you so much for coming to the blog and leaving a nice reply. I have been really busy and kinda out of touch, so didn't mean to let your comment go so long without response.

      Ahhh...Rebecca...my first blog. She sends me.

      Again, thank you so very much!


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