30 June 2009

Before Four

Thought I would post in before the Fourth. After the fourth there will all those posts about idyllic family gatherings. Swaths of vintage fabric, buckets of lemonade with fresh raspberries floating away, drips of ice cream, children twirling and sparklers swirling. Me, not so much. Family times are always challenging. There is always room for improvement and I hardly relax. But I will be at my favorite lake with my favorite family members. I will look at this garden and do some editing.

I will be invited to these chairs in the sun.

I will follow this path...

To this dog.

And all will be well. Ahoy and happy holiday....


  1. Oh Robin, I'd love to take the path you're taking as it sounds like it will be a relaxing day...and beautiful too!

    I'd follow that good looking dog anywhere! (The paw prints are so cute)

    Matter of fact, there are two chairs out there in the sun...may I join you?????

    Hope you have a wonderful Fourth at the lake with all of your "favorites" :)

    everything vintage

  2. Enjoy your fourth, it is a celebration we are thankful for but sometimes we all go overboard. I have been busy preparing for family and fun, it takes a lot of energy but once the fourth comes along it is fun time and the next morning very sleepy and quiet.

  3. ahhh..what a fun post..... I love the last pic with that adorable Dog:)

    So cute!!!

    Have a wonderful holiday too!



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