15 June 2009

Framed View

A couple of posts ago I was talking about the daunting task of draperies for my two front windows and lamenting about being shorted fabric. I am still wading in oceans of heavy fabric. Each week "complete living room curtains" makes my list. I just keeping working on it and yet rolling that same task into the next week.

Once again "LR curtains" is on my list this week. While I have replaced the shorted fabric and of course the 12 yards of trim would not work for this new selection, I am still wading in the fabric pool.

In an effort to encourage myself, I thought I would show some completed tasks. These curtains are in my den and kitchen area. It is one of thosecombination rooms where there is a television, fireplace, a breakfast table and the kitchen. I chose a linen with a black check and red accents. While all the fabrics are the same I made each curtain a little different. I don't need privacy here so the curtain merely treats the window. Over the kitchen sink here...

The breakfast table here...

and the den windows seen here...

This window sits on a side door. This is the same slinky fabric I abandoned to professional help. I thought I could handle it for one window. I tied it to the rod as it hides the uneven length!

A powder bath window in a different yet slinkier fabric didn't turn out even either. An inside mount hides no flaws, so I hitched them up with tiebacks and viola, no more pesky errors to obsess over. On to compulse over something else. What a victory!

Here is a little sweet valance I am so proud of in a girlie room.

So I have actually started and completed window projects. I wonder if that will inspire me to "complete living room curtains"???


  1. Your window treatments, and house in general, are gorgeous. And I want that chandelier.

  2. I'm impressed! Your powder room looks gorgeous, too.


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