21 June 2009


Well, I stopped buying father's day cards 11 years ago. I do always think about him when I see that section at stores. I always think "Happy Father's Day, Daddy." Now that I have this blog, I can express it in this form.

My father had a very difficult childhood. Curly on the left is my daddy. It is the only picture of him as a child I know of. They just didn't record every event, moment and thought like we do now. Even though there is only one picture to document the existence of his entire childhood, I have the honor of sharing it here.

He adored me and never stopped baby-talking to me. He was so sweet to me. I can feel so deeply sorry for not having him that I certainly forget to feel grateful for getting him in the first place. Happy Father's Day Daddy...


  1. I think it's really sweet that you took the time to honor your dad here. He sounds like not only a wonderful guy, but also a great father. And he was SUCH a cutie-pie as a little boy!

  2. Aw, that photo is lovely and such a treasure since it is the only one. He sounds like a great dad :)

  3. My eyes are all misty.
    Your daddy is lovely indeed.


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