25 June 2009

Magpie ya'll

I have certainly been at the antiquing pretty hard. I did not show you anything from last month because I was doing the eBay thing and was waiting to show you a little retro cowboy design project I have going. This June I located a few things locally and thought I'd show you.

In my constant fervor for all things child size, I found this table and chairs for the little buckaroos. Wow, I just said that didn't I?

A bushel of blocks for the youngin's. Oh make me stop.

You will just have to trust me on this one. It will be just darling.

I have a very large collection of these Oklahoma souvenir plates. Very large. However, I didn't have this blue hue...

I buy a bunch of things that say Oklahoma. This is from the Hollywood Shoppe in Elk City and had to have been THE place for all things stylish. This little gal kept her blue/brown felt hat in this according to the pencil mark on this box. Ooooo! I can just imagine what a number that must have been.

Regarding the retro kitchen, I have always wanted a butter churn. What a romantic notion, churning your own butter from real fresh cream. No trans fats or hydrogenation. Just cream. These are always so pricey, but this one wasn't too bad, is red and the paddle turns smoothly.

Speaking of retro kitchen! Look!


And a baby bed for my dollies...

I'll have to show you the western project. Someday. It's awful cute, ya'll.


  1. What a cute post! And I can't wait to see the project...I always thought a "cowboy" theme with vintage flair would be adorable in a kid's bedroom...but...I don't have any so it would probably just be strange around here...lol! Cute finds!

  2. Super cute! If you like little things you should check out my friend Maggie's Etsy shop. She specializes in vintage miniatures. It's SleepingporchStudio


    I really like that lamp too.

  3. such fun finds, I love them all!
    xoxo, Tiffany


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