09 June 2009


A good while back, during a time of transition and change (okay grief and loss) I ran across Joy Wallace at an art festival. I loved all her things so much but this spoke to me most. It features a chair which, you know, yum. A flower is growing right off the fabric and it reads "pushing the limits, daring to bloom."

This rose bush near my front porch is living, as all living things do, by this philosophy. It is reaching onto my porch.

It is embracing my yew. Embracing yew.

I know for sure that God grants fears. Surely in an effort to allow us to bloom...


  1. Yes, dare to bloom...

  2. The rose is saying "I love yew"


    ok, couldnt resist....

  3. I'm loving the roses and the way they want to reach out and touch everything around. This post is just all-around inspirational, my favorite kind!

  4. So wonderful, such a sweet sentiment and good advice too! Lovely photos as well!
    Sandra Evertson

  5. Love this post Robin....So beautiful to see that you still take so much pleasure in the "little" things...I love you girl!!


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