27 August 2010

Magpie July Ten

I spent quite a bit of time and money in July doing the fleas. Show and tell...just show actually, these beauties are better when I am quiet.



  1. I love the bridge score cards and the sewing patters. You can see those ladies, wearing those dresses, while playing bridge, can't you? What are those blue books with the white bindings? They are so lovely.

  2. Those vintage sewing patterns are fabulous. Hope you enjoy some down time. I didn't get anything accomplished this summer. It feels horrible. I guess there is always next year. :)

  3. Robin,
    What beautiful jewelry. Kat and I would be thrilled to find anything as nice as any of them. They are just gorgeous! I love those pink, rosy beads. The blue and white books are amazing. They almost look like Wedgewood.

    You made a lovely "vignette" with the gloves, bridge pads and Good Housekeeping. I have seen sewing patterns going for as much as $9 each around here. I was getting them for fifty cents last year. Kat and I use them to wrap what we buy but we may have to change what we are doing.

    Pretty, pretty post!



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