12 October 2010

Handmade Acquistions

There was a most delicious Handmade Market open throughout The Creative Connection Event. While the vendors may not have appreciated the many days of feast and famine, I did enjoy running through the market over and over. I also was able to spend far more than had it only been open for a short while. These are the things that live with me now...

Rebecca Sower. Ahhhhhh... Devon found this robin and surprised me with it...

From the Art Is You booth, although I regret to say I am not sure which of their artists created this piece. I have worn this so often already, I use hold things back. I want a memorable debut for something I really especially love.

Why, though, should we ever own something we do not especially love? I believe it was William Morris who said we should live with things that are both beautiful and useful. I really try to adhere to that philosophy. Which works for me as I view tools such as envelopes, brooms and sponges as beautiful.

The Oh Sweet Sadie Girls were so funny. Did you know Mormons can be so hilarious? My ignorance, inexperience and Sister-Wives made me think maybe not. Wrong. This necklace was a tutorial and I enjoyed spending time sitting with them and bending wire while they bended my ear...

I rarely pass up bird books. And I simply went crazy for Lisa Souers' work. This was so beautifully packaged, I haven't even opened it yet!

People went quite nuts for Hutch and her cardboard chic, simple and familiar style. If you only click one link on this post, let it be this one, her watercolors are so dear...

Amy Barickman, whom I have a special affection for...

Oh dear Carloyn of Gypsy Threads.

This is a stack of felted wool pieces from Rose Mille, a local Minnesotan.

 I also bought a stack of kits from Glass Garden Beads
I will just have to let you know how that turns out.

I opened this post with Rebecca and will close with Kaari Meng. They are my greatest inspirations really. I loved my classes with them at Silver Bella last year, love my purchases from them. Love their blogs. It is really something to love a person's work and also to take their class and own their things. I will never quit saying it. This internet and these workshops are providing connection that women need, are truly hungry for, don't you think?


  1. Robin,
    I am jealous! I wish I could have been in both places. I am glad you could see Minneapolis but I hope you did not drive by my house. The storm door is missing. Horrors!

    Love your Rebecca Sowers. Glass Garden is a cool place. Can you believe I have not been to Rose Mille? That was the school district I last worked in, too. Great little town...Stillwater.

    Thanks so much for your note on my blog, dear friend. It really was my biggest boost of the day. I came home from Mayo so down. Hard to watch a friend die...and try these last ditch efforts.

    I am still trying to find your address. Everything falling apart here. My computer is being very strange and I don't have time to get more memory (I know, I know I am asking for trouble. It is just tenth on the list!)

    Sending hugs!

  2. Are you kidding? You brought all that amazing stuff home with you? I am so jealous! I look forward to seeing you in a few weeks. You will be at the Girlie Show won't you?

  3. I read this on my phone, it's okay that the pics are tiny on here, I was able to see these goods up close!

    Yes, all things functional and beautiful, even spoons.

  4. What pretties! I love them all!

    I didn't feel the earthquake, boo hoo!


  5. robin,
    i have so missed you...
    can't wait until silver bella week-end, maybe do some much needed catching up in-between classes. will i see you at the girlie show...?
    i love all the beautiful and useful goods that came home with you...franc

  6. Good Lord, Woman! Did you leave ANYTHING behind??? I'll try and pick my jaw up now after viewing all your "pretties." So happy you had so much fun and thanks for sharing it...makes me smile :)

    Oh, and BTW...do you ALWAYS have to look so STUNNING? I hope you know just how beautiful you are...inside and out! Miss you...Nannie


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