25 October 2010

I Hooked Up 'Cause I Give It Away

Last year I met this Minnesotan gal I just really liked. Then we got all bloggy up in here. Now we are buddies and incahoots.


No idea why I am writing like that.

Suz over at Katsui is my friend. We thought, being of the jewelry persuasion, we would do a joint give-away. I sent her this...

And she and her groovy little daughter came up with some earrings to accompany this choker necklace.

And we three girls are giving it away!
The necklace and earrings, I mean, you knew that right?

To qualify, leave a comment here or on the Katsui post.
Give-away ends Friday 29 October.

Thanks so much Kat and Suz!!!!

Peace ya'll!!!


  1. Love this idea, love the earrings and love the necklace! Count me in :)

  2. Hey, Robin! As always your post made me giggle...I will say it again---I am so looking forward to seeing you @ Silver Bella!!!!

    And, your soldering looks lovely.

  3. Hi Robin! Any friend of Suz's has got to be someone special! I just popped right over here to check for myself and became a follower! We have Junk Bonanza in common and I can't wait to hear all about Silver Bella! I'll be back to visit alot!

    OMgosh, I almost forgot to say how much I love your jewelry! You and Suz - talent, talent, talent!

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  5. Ooops! Goofed, so I'm writing again! I hate when I write and someone's talking to me and then I push "post comment"...and then see that it made no sense!

    Your necklace is GORGEOUS, Robin! Love everything about it--especially that you paired up with the lovely Suz for the giveaway--how exciting!

    Love the vintage style, and would LOVE to wear it every single day!

    Thanks for a chance to win!


  6. Robin and Suz, these are beautiful pieces and I so love the message on the necklace. We can use all the peace we can get. Love your talent, and would proudly and most happily wear these.

  7. Robin,

    I love both pieces! Please sign me up for a chance to win.

  8. I love Suz, too, and I already threw my name in the hat!!

  9. Gorgeous! And I love how they're displayed in the teacup. <3

  10. In cahoots, huh? I look forward to being in cahoots with you in a class at SB. Meanwhile, happy to toss my name in for a chance at this generous giveaway.

  11. Robin,
    You are so funny. Here I am talking about peace and love and you are talking about giving it away and being in cahoots...heehee Don't ask me how I got in the peace and love mood, either. Must be that old hippie in me ;-)

  12. HI Robin, I already signed up for the sweet giveaway at katsui's blog.. but I wanted to stop in and say hi, and tell you that I love your necklace! And I love the little blurb about you at the top of your page!
    have a great night!

  13. Three the hard way, I like it.

  14. I am so glad you hooked up!! I would love to wear your beautiful chocker & the earrings Suz made. Thanx for the opportunity!!

  15. Hi Robin! I look forward to meeting you at Silver Bella....I love the necklace and errings. Please count me in!

  16. You always make me smile, M'Lady Bird. :-)

  17. What a beautiful way for friends to give back. A lovely giveaway and congrats to the lucky winner! Best wishes, Tammy

  18. Peace and Love and Yippee Yeah ... I just came from Suz and Kat's blog and found out I am THE lucky winner of your gorgeous necklace ... I am beyond thrilled and feel so darn lucky!

    I told Suz I may not be able to sleep I am SO excited!

    Thank you so so much. I was happy to find you and your blog before I was a lucky winner!

    Wishing you and yours a very happy weekend!
    p.s. I sputtered and popped like crazy over at Kat & Suz's blog. Trying to calm myself a tad now LOL
    Many Many Thanks!!!!

  19. Wow, both pieces are gorgeous...I'd love to win!


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